Pocketnow Daily: Apple is KILLING Face ID & The Notch?! (video)
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More than 700,000 ‘bad’ apps were banned from Google Play last year, up 70 percent
Google Play Protect, machine learning techniques and an overall increased commitment to security made Android’s main app store a more trusted and safer place in 2017 than ever before.
Samsung and McAfee ‘extend partnership’ to load up anti-malware software on Galaxy S8
Don’t be surprised if you get a security app called McAfee VirusScan pre-installed on your Galaxy S8, and similar Samsung PC and Smart TV software.
There’s a RAT in Pokémon Go! And it’s not Rattata
Nope, not Rattata, though we are pretty much in weak territory right there. There is a jacked-up version of Pokémon Go! out there with a RAT in it.
Android Malware
Should you use antivirus software on your Android?
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