Pre-orders for the Google Pixel Buds were live on B&H Photo

The Google Pixel Buds were available for pre-order for some time today over at B&H Photo Video, maybe they will launch soon

The Pixel Slate is a Chromebook with Portrait Mode on it

Whereas the Pixelbook was more chic for professionals, Google has decided to bring in a wider range of consumers for a new and improved Chrome OS.

Google Home Hub introduces a smart display without a camera

With privacy concerns abound as our homes smarten up, Google has decided against including a camera on its smart home hub.

Smart Compose on Gmail to cut down on duplicative typing

Google’s Pixel phones will get a first crack at this feature, extending Smart Reply to the text field with auto-complete suggestions.

Watch the Made by Google event live from 11am Eastern

If you want to get a first look at what Google has cooked up for the fall, you’ll want to stay tuned to this page for all the announcements.

Made by Google promo presses hard on Pixel 3 XL notch hate

Actually, it’s cutting into all of the commentary by the YouTube tech press on what’s been going on with these Pixel 3 leaks.

Leaked Pixel Stand could support fast charging for the Google Pixel 3

This new Pixel Stand will be one more in the Made By Google product lineup, and it would provide wireless charging for the Google Pixel 3

“High confidence” on Pixel Watch with Pixel 3 event this fall

Given that Google is trying to spruik new development on Wear OS, will up to three watches under its Pixel brand help wit h the cause?

JerryRigEverything slams Pixel 2 durability

It’s plastic, it’s paint, it’s an aluminium unibody. Zack Nelson asks what Google was thinking when drawing up blueprints for this phone.

Made for Google accessory makers called out on special page

Only 22 manufacturers have been mentioned on this site. More were mentioned at the Made by Google event. What’s up, here?

Pixel Buds, Pixelbook and Pixel 2, too! | #PNWeekly 273

The “Made by Google” event gave us a whole lot to think over when it comes to the second-generation of Google machines. We talk with Joshua Vergara!

“Made for Google” accessory program launches with 26 partners

Cases and skins and all that sort will be here, for sure, but so will USB-C accessories that may be required to follow specifications.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with stereo speakers, Active Edge and more

The stock Android-powered Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones are finally official, and there’s a lot of exciting information to digest.

Google Home Max sets its sights on the Apple HomePod with ‘smart sound’ and a lot of power

There’s a normal-sized Google Home, a Home Mini and now also an extra-large Google Home Max for full Echo lineup and Apple HomePod rivalry.

HTC says half of its engineering and tech staff will move to Google

Around 2,000 people will up and move from Taoyuan, Taiwan, over to Mountain View, California, as part of a $1.1 billion transaction.

Sold by HTC, Made by Google | #PNWeekly 271

HTC transfers some key smartphone units to Google in exchange for a bit of cash. We dissect the deal and cruise through a Tough Spot this week on our show!

Chromecast Ultra, Daydream View on sale from Google Store

The Chromecast Ultra is $69 and can stream 4K content from the internets to your TV. The $79 Daydream View VR is also on the Google Store.

Is Google killing the Nexus for the Pixel a good or bad thing?

Is Google killing the Nexus line of phones a good thing? If Google wants to cut into the consumer market, then yes. But at the risk of alienating devs?

Watch the Made by Google event here for Pixel launches, and much more

The big day has arrived, and there’s literally nothing simpler than following the Made by Google live stream on YouTube or right here.