It will come back. Yes. You heard it right.They are discussing about it since the S21 Ultra with S-Pen's market response and sales record hasn't met their expectations.— Tron ❂ (@FrontTron) May 31, 2021
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is MISSING! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, the leaked specs of the Galaxy S21 and more.
Users reporting serious MacBook Pro problems after macOS Big Sur update
You shouldn’t upgrade your MacBook Pro to the latest macOS Bug Sur software so fast, as several users are reporting bricking issues
macOS Big Sur
New macOS Big Sur is finally ready for your Mac
Check out the changes that are now available with macOS Big Sur, but also be warned, as not every app is ready to make the jump
macOS Big Sur
Apple will release macOS Big Sur on Nov 12
Apple’s macOS Big Sur has been designed to maximize M1. With the new processor, apps launch nearly instantaneously.
Apple chip
How macOS Big Sur supports and pushes the Apple M1 Silicon
With advanced power management, which intelligently allocates apps on the core that requires them, it allows quiet performance and an even better battery life.
Mac users will need T2 security chip to stream Netflix in 4K
Apart from the T2 security chip, to stream Netflix in 4K, you’ll need macOS Big Sur alongside Netflix’s $16 per month Premium subscription.
macOS Big Sur
Apple releases the first public beta of macOS Big Sur. Is your Mac compatible?
macOS Big Sur introduces one of the biggest redesigns of Apple’s operating system in recent memory, and it is chock-full of new features as well.
Best MacBook Air Cases – MacBook Air 13-inch
Macs could borrow this iPhone and iPad feature soon
Face ID for Macs could soon be a reality .
macOS Big Sur
Apple will allow developers to port Chrome extensions to Safari
Before you activate an extension, you’ll be able to restrict it on either only some websites or a single active tab.
Safari 14 brings Face ID and Touch ID support for web sign-ins
Face ID or Touch ID support for website log-ins is facilitated by the new Web Authentication API that arrives with Safari 14.
Pocketnow Daily: #WWDC20: Widgets, Apple Silicon & Why You Should Care! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about everything announced today at the latest WWDC 2020, where we saw what Apple will give to its users
macOS Big Sur
Apple announces macOS Big Sur: What’s new?
The first public beta of macOS Big Sur arrives next month, while the stable build will be released as a free software upgrade in the fall season.
redesigned Macbook
macOS Big Sur: What’s new?
The menu bar at the top is now translucent and takes the color of the app. It comes with new toolbar icons.