Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale

Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.

Apple A12 Bionic is the first commercial 7nm processor

The A12 Bionic is an 18-core chipset that will be found inside the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and it has all of the transistors to do more work at once.

Google splits search and AI operations as ex-division chief joins Apple to reboot Siri

Apple is looking to step up its AI efforts with the help of Google’s former machine learning and search division head, while the search giant is splitting the two operations and promoting a couple of veteran employees.

ZTE Blade V9 features third-party computational photo technology from FotoNation

Third-party software vendors are beginning to work on making machine-learned photography enhancements affordable for lower-cost smartphones.

HTC VIVE X fund dips into brain-controlled interfaces, emotional scanning

From extended depth perception in tiny spaces to emotional and cognitive neural analysis, all of this comes back to enhancing virtual reality.

2016 Pixel devices start getting Google Lens button

Google Lens is supposed to bring all the addresses and phone numbers we capture with our cameras and make them actually useful on our phones.

Google Pixel Visual Core is the company’s machine-learning co-processor for Pixel 2

It’s the company’s first silicon and it’s here to help the Pixel 2’s image processing from computational work to HDR brushes.

It’s alive: Latest Huawei Mate 10 event teaser promises an ‘intelligent machine’

The fast-approaching Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are no longer compared with the iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8, simply promising to feel “alive.”

Andrasta is the new Cyanogen and it is about Big Data

Andrasta looks to be an Android fork that’s obsessed with artificial intelligence, machine learning and being smart. We learned this through a car crash.

Robots with soul? Alexa gets personality, Google Assistant gets jokes

Out there in the world, there’s someone saying “good morning” and “good night” every waking day of the year to Amazon’s Alexa…

A closer look at Google I/O 2016 keynote

Let’s take a closer look at the Google I/O 2016 keynote and see what we really learned. Check out a recap of what happened!
machine learning

What is machine learning, and how is Google using it to keep spam out of your inbox?

Machine learning may very well have lead to the uprising of Genisys and Skynet, but Google thinks it’s going to keep your email safe. Is it worth the risk?