iPad and MacBook production faces delay as global chip shortage hits Apple
The supply shortage hitting MacBooks and iPads hint that the component shortage remains a serious issue and could deal a more serious blow. 
We could soon see iPads and MacBooks with OLED displays
The latest rumors suggest that Apple is working hard to give us new iPads and MacBook models with OLED displays in the near future
apple repairability score france
Apple now shows repairability score for iPhones and MacBooks on its website in France
The law calling for repairability scores to be shown for Apple products actually covers electronics and electric appliances as a whole.
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A perfect moment to grab an Intel powered MacBook Air
Today’s deals start with the previous generation Apple MacBook Air with Intel processors under the hood and a couple of must-have accessories
Apple patent suggests that a matte black MacBook might become a reality
Imparting matte black shade to a device will have some functional benefits as well such as better heat dissipation for cooling from within.
iPhone 12
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12-inch MacBook to make a return with ARM processors
It seems that the first MacBook to include ARM power will be a new 12-inch MacBook, and a new report claims that it will launch by the end of 2020
Best external hard drives
Best External Hard Drives for your Mac in 2020
The best external hard drives are those which offer ample storage, good read and write speeds, and are not heavy on the wallet.
Apple’s MacBook shipments may grow in this third quarter
A new report suggests that Apple’s MacBook shipments may increase in Q3 of 2020 for a couple of reasons
Best MacBook Air Cases – MacBook Air 13-inch
Apple silicon MacBook Pros will be redesigned: Report
The entry price of future MacBook Air could be lower than the current one.
Apple Card’s interest-free financing plans now available for iPad, Mac, AirPods, and more
Apple Card’s zero-fee financing plans are also available for accessories such as Apple Pencil and HomePod speaker, but the Apple Watch is not one of them.
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Apple may give us a 12-inch MacBook with an Arm-based processor
According to new rumors, Apple may be working on launching a new 12-inch MacBook that should include its Arm-based processor
samsung Galaxy S20 ultra
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Apple could give us a foldable MacBook or MacBook Pro in the future
We get to see new Apple patents that suggest a foldable design in future MacBook or MacBook Pro laptops
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Apple plans to equip Macs with its own custom processor starting next year
Apple’s move will help unify its apps ecosystem by fitting the iPhones, iPads, and Macs with custom processors that employ the same underlying technology.
Apple’s new tool for MacBooks will help extend battery lifespan
The Battery Health Management feature aims to extend the lifespan of a MacBook’s battery by reducing the chemical aging process.
apple macbook deal
Apple MacBooks could soon get a “Pro” mode, macOS beta suggests
Strings of code inside the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.3 beta suggest that Apple might be working on offering users a “Pro” mode.
We could get a new gaming MacBook or iMac from Apple at WWDC 2020
A new report tells us to expect a powerful gaming MacBook Pro or iMac Pro, and it could show up during the next WWDC in 2020
US and China could’ve reached a trade deal that avoids Apple tariffs
We may soon see the end of the trade war between China and the United States, and Apple is the first company to receive benefits
mini LED iPad Pro and MacBook Pro now predicted to arrive next year
Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts that Apple will start using mini LED displays in its devices in late 2020. Check out the report!
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