Mac OS X becomes macOS Sierra
When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig…
[LIVE] Watch the Apple WWDC 2016 livestream
Apple is about to talk major software updates at its keynote of WWDC 2016. There are a couple of ways to watch it live and we’ll have full coverage.
Siri can’t wait to be in Mac OS X
Apple’s voice assistant on the iPhone and iPad may be working with a few tools it doesn’t have right now to be on your Mac. It might soon.
WWDC keynote has a start time and we don’t have a clue what iOS will be called
What will be revealed at the event? The chips are on Apple Music getting re-done, a more open Siri and a lot of new software. A lot.
IDC: the PC is dead, long live the detachable tablet PC
No one wants a computer and no one wants a boring tablet anymore. Why not spice things up with a full-power Windows tablet and pull-apart keyboard?
Oculus Rift maker drops sick burn on Apple: we’d add support if Apple ever made a “good computer”
According to the founder of Oculus VR, Oculus Rift Mac support could happen – but Apple needs to release a “good computer” first.
Rumor: No Apple October event for you this year, all iPads coming today
The traditional Apple October event may not happen this year, as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will likely be accompanied by two or three new iPads today.
More iPad Pro schematics (iPad Air Plus) get leaked with quad speakers and dimensions
In this image, depicting early iPad Pro schematics (iPad Air Plus, if you will), you will take a look at the allegedly upcoming super slate from Apple.
If you think Windows Phone has no apps, you should try a Mac
There’s one platform who’s app store has been open for almost exactly the same amount of time as Windows Phone’s. How many apps are available in the Mac OS X app store?