Lyfts commits to go all-electric by 2030
Lyft is banking on the long-term economic benefits offered by EVs to phase out gas-guzzling cars and boost the number of electric vehicles in its fleet.
Our post-CES Winter Break Road Trip | #PNWeekly 341
Jaime and Josh pack themselves into a tiny car, strap on a GoPro and talk about bendy phones, rolling TVs, notch-less devices with a punch and more!
Autonomous Car
The State of Autonomous Cars
Autonomous Cars will change the way we live, day by day. The car industry needs a breath of fresh air to boost the technology to the next step!
Fitbit Ionic smartwatch gets its first major OS update, 14 new apps from ‘top brands’ included
The $300 Fitbit Ionic still feels a tad pricey, also lacking the robust app support of some of its rivals, though its first OS update is pretty hefty.
New York Times: Uber almost lost access to the App Store in 2015
CEO Travis Kalanick went up to Cupertino to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook where he was scolded for employing persistent tags to iPhones.
Tech, Earnings, and Advertising: This Week is All About the Money | #PNWeekly 238
Our podcast is racked with Super B**l commercials, earnings and failings. Mix in a little LG G6 and Watch Sport talk and you’ve got a show.
Lyft overtakes Uber in App Store, #DeleteUber campaign presses on
The protests at JFK Airport in New York have gone against Trump’s immigration ban, but things start breaking down as the livery industry gets involved.
Apple wins smartphone, tablet, laptop and online music trophies for customer engagement
Customer loyalty and engagement are very subjective things, but people clearly love their Apple products, be it iPhones, iPads or online music apps.
Lyft sought a buyer with $9 billion and Uber claims it’s only worth $2 billion
The US’s number two ride-hailing app has been looking for a big backer to help it compete against Uber. Uber had its own thoughts, too.