It’s official and nearly unobtainable — LG V35 Signature edition

It has zirconium in it, so you know it’s pretty darn luxurious. There’s also a pair of active noise-cancelling headphones inside. So… how much?

Russian luxury tech brand Caviar creates solar-powered iPhone

It’s named Tesla. No, not Nicola. Think Elon Musk. And all of this has to do with luxury, prestige, and innovative association with innovation.

Vertu inventory under the gavel through 7pm BST

The luxury phone producer is liquidating its assets to pay back a mountain of debt. Much has been lost, but it could all be your gain if you’d like.

The Samsung W2018 will be a $2,000 flip phone — and that’s cheaper than last year!

Full Android, top-end Qualcomm silicon, a flip phone. Samsung likes to play around with its wares in its Chinese sandbox.

Another little known company buys luxury phone maker Vertu, this time for a reported $61 million

Founded by Nokia back in 1998, sold to EQT in 2012, then Godin Holdings a couple of years ago, Vertu is now property of Baferton Ltd.

Latest Vertu Constellation ‘luxury performance’ smartphone actually has pretty solid specs

In addition to a super-snazzy design, the 2017 edition of the luxury Vertu Constellation smartphone brings pretty great internals to the table.

Gionee M2017 blends luxury design, crazy hefty battery and overall high-end specs for around $1,000

The just-unveiled Gionee M2017 is both China’s ultimate battery powerhouse and an unsubtle statement of luxury and social status.

Stylish, hybrid Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch starts at $245

The luxury accessories brand is getting smart with this no-screen smartwatch that can control your music, track your fitness activities and vibrate.

Garmin Fenix Chronos smartwatch blends luxury, style and multisport tech for up to $1,500

Professional athletes can be concerned with fashion too, and the new Garmin Fenix Chronos smartwatch ticks both boxes… for a price.

$6,000: the price of an Aston Martin Racing 808

How we wish smartphones cost double-oh-seven dollars. Tongue out of cheek, we…