Windows 10 updates for existing Lumias begin in December

Plenty of time has elapsed since the first whiffs of Windows 10…

AT&T Lumia 830 soon to get Denim camera update

Wow, we’ve lapsed a good length of time since our last coverage…

AT&T comes clean about Lumia 830 Denim update (or lack thereof)

Holding out hope that you could still see the arrival of an AT&T Lumia 830 Denim update before Windows 10 Mobile rolls around? Don’t bet on it.

T-Mobile Lumia 640 coming June 17

The T-Mobile Lumia 640 will be available from Magenta in the US starting next Wednesday, June 17. Check out the details from this report!

Microsoft Lumia Camera beta available for some Lumia models

The Microsoft Lumia Camera beta app is now available for some Lumia devices (930/Icon, 1520, 640, 640XL) powered by Denim. Check out the details!

O2 Lumia 930 Denim update comes without “Hey Cortana”

The O2 Lumia 930 Denim update is shipping to devices but it sadly comes without the “Hey Cortana” functionality, one of the most anticipated features

Lumia 930 – After The Buzz, Episode 40

Watch our second look at Microsoft’s existing Windows Phone flagship, the Lumia 930. The company’s launch of Lumia Denim has made it hard to beat.

Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update begins rollout

If you’ve been itching for the awesome camera improvements in the update, you’ll be pleased to learn that the wider Microsoft Lumia Denim rollout has begun.

Lumia Denim: Camera Improvements Tour (Video)

Watch our full video of our recent experience using Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update on a Lumia 930. The camera enhancements alone are worth a video.

OnePlus One mini, BlackBerry Classic, Windows Phone ups & downs | Pocketnow Weekly 127

You wanted alternate topics, and the end of December delivered. On today’s show: everything from OnePlus One mini to BlackBerry’s latest nostalgia fest!
banking on mid-rangers

Microsoft issues Lumia Denim update statement (while taking an axe to availability charts)

Microsoft’s talking the Lumia Denim ETA in a post addressing the new firmware update.

Microsoft preps for Lumia Denim with intro vid, support docs

When’s the Lumia Denim update going to start hitting Windows Phone handsets around the globe? It could be sooner than you might think.

Lumia Denim to bring 4K video recording to some devices soon

Learn more about the possible launch time of Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update for existing Lumia devices, and what enhancements are coming.

Nokia Lumia 830 specs: peeking inside the affordable flagship

Check our list of Nokia Lumia 830 specs if you were wondering what exactly powers Microsoft’s new affordable flagship Windows Phone.

Lumia Denim Windows Phone update announced

The Lumia Denim Windows Phone update has just been announced, and it will bring Cortana, as well as performance improvements.