Save the date: October 19 could see Microsoft unveil new Lumias, Surface Pro 4, and more

The rumored October Microsoft event launch event should take place on October 19 and bring to light a pair of high-end Lumias.

Microsoft may announce its new Lumias in September

Learn more about Microsoft’s rumored plan to launch its new Lumias, codenamed Talkman and Cityman during the month of September

Now it seems the Lumia 940, 940 XL and even 840 are still happening this year

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Microsoft Lumia 950XL, Lumia 950 leak anticipates specs, reveals more details

This Microsoft Lumia 950 leak comes from China and tries to anticipate the specs of both the Lumia 950, and Lumia 950XL, previously the 940/940XL.

More details emerge on the rumored Lumia flagships

Learn more about some of the new rumors regarding the new Lumia flagships that we’re waiting for this summer, as this time we talk design.

Possible Microsoft Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL specs get leaked

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Microsoft Lumia 940 specs and render imagined, together with Lumia 940XL

These Lumia 940 specs and renders, together with its bigger sibling, the Lumia 940XL, are concepts imagined by someone else than Microsoft. Do you like?

Sweeter Android, musical YouTube, Microsoft-ier Lumia | Pocketnow Weekly 122

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Purported Lumia 940 specs sound almost too good to be true (and maybe they are)

We’ve got near zero confidence in this source, but it’s still hard to ignore what these apparent Lumia 940 specs are saying about the phone.