Fix for Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 freezing issues coming soon
Learn more about a new software update that’s coming to the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 smartphones that report to have freezing issues.
Nokia Lumia 925 – After The Buzz, episode 25 (Video)
5 months later, Nokia’s Windows Phone refresh is still a hot item – but can it face up to the latest competition? Find out in our Lumia 925 review redux!
The Nexus 5 has optical stabilization at the expense of more megapixels. Good.
Google’s latest Nexus is here – and it’s a doozy. The Nexus 5 camera isn’t without its compromises, but here’s why megapixels matter less than stability.
Nokia details Refocus app, coming to PureView Lumia phones soon
Nokia details Refocus feature of the Nokia Camera app and it will be available soon for PureView-enabled Lumia phones. Check it out!
Perfect Smartphone
You can already buy the perfect smartphone
The difference between a perfect smartphone & whatever you carrying around with you now is simply the differentiation of wants versus needs. Can you tell?
Anton thinks...
Anton Thinks: there’s no such thing as a perfect smartphone, yet
Smartphones: they’re all good, and they all suck, at the same time. There’s no such thing as a perfect smartphone, yet. Read to find out why!
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Nokia Lumia 925
T-Mobile shares details on start of Lumia 925 & Xperia Z sales, reveals new device upgrade offer
Get the details on today’s T-Mobile announcements, including the start of Lumia 925 sales and its new trade-in program.
Nokia Lumia 925 lens
Nokia Lumia 925 lens construction exploded
If you’re unhappy with the performance of the camera on your phone, check out the Nokia Lumia 925 lens construction. It will tell you how much tech is inside your phone’s camera!
Pocketnow Weekly 049: Samsung keeps making stuff, we keep squawking about it (Samsung Premiere 2013)
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Nokia Lumia 925 review
Nokia Lumia 925 Review
Check out our Nokia Lumia 925 review, for an in-depth look of every aspect of the phone, from hardware to software, build and user experience.
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Nokia Ditches Metal-vs-Plastic Battle, Does Both On Same Phone
Prefer your smartphone to be made from polycarbonate, or is metal more your material of choice? Either way, Nokia’s Lumia 925 should strike your fancy.
Pocketnow Weekly 044: Galaxy S 4 Google Edition, I/O 2013, & Nokia Lumia 925
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Nokia, Haven’t You Learned Anything From HTC or Samsung?
Even after several attempts, the Lumia brand has yet to truly take off. Could Nokia’s marketing strategy be the root of the problem? Read on to find out!
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The Nokia Lumia 925 omits the most futuristic feature of its predecessor. Here’s why that’s a mistake.
The Nokia Lumia 925 Is A Galaxy S 4 From The Mirror Universe
What if Samsung had focused on external, not internal, revisions to its Galaxy S 4? The Nokia Lumia 925 shows us a Windows Phone version of that future.
Nokia Lumia 925 Announced: Thinner, Lighter, Aluminum, June Launch
Nokia’s London event is currently underway, and while the presentation finishes to…