Windows Phone 7.8 Now Rolling Out for AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

After a brief pause, the AT&T Lumia 900 WP 7.8 update is back on; find out what we know.

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Dear Nokia, Please Reboot Your Phone Designs

Oh no! Just how many variations on the same design can the…

Here’s How Nokia Can Win With Its Next Lumia Flagship

The Nokia Lumia 920 was easily one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones of late 2012. However, the buzz died quickly for the one-popular phone. What does Nokia need to make its next Lumia flagship more successful?

Hey Microsoft: Your Fans Are Killing Windows Phone

I adore Windows Phone, but a small subset of rabid fans are killing the platform’s goodwill. Here’s why Microsoft needs to get control of them before it’s too late.

Leaked Carrier Email Reveals Windows Phone 7.8 Update Arrival Date

Read when AT&T users can expect to get Windows Phone 7.8 for their Nokia Lumia 900 phones.

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Nokia Shipping Lumia Devices With Windows Phone 7.8, Update On Track For Early 2013

“Early 2013” is still the best estimate the company is willing to announce as far as the Windows Phone 7.8 update is concerned.

To Sell Windows Phone, Microsoft Should Take A Page from BlackBerry’s Book

Wireless carriers have adopted special price plans before. Read on to see how we think Windows Phone could benefit from bringing the BlackBerry model back … and turning it inside out.

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Nokia Talks Software Updates For Existing Lumia Lineup

See what Nokia has to say about future software updates for its current Windows Phone 7 series of phones.

Apple: ‘Not Every Smartphone Needs To Look Like an iPhone’

Apple, in its closing argument, said that ‘not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone’. Read to find out who they referred to.

Nokia Releases Q2 2012 Numbers, Sells 4 Million Lumia Devices In Last Quarter

Nokia made its financial records for the second quarter of the year public, and with the numbers, we find out about Lumia sales.

Nokia Lumia 900 Becomes Cheaper On AT&T Starting Today

Starting today, instead of $99 and a two-year contract you will be able to buy an AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 for $49.99.

Pink Nokia Lumia 900 Coming to AT&T Soon

Nokia is announcing the addition of another AT&T Lumia 900 color, probably trending with the summer (or targeting female customers): pink.

Nokia Announces Lumia 610, 710 and 900 Software Updates

Nokia is confirming software updates for three of its Lumia devices, namely the 610, 710 and 900.

What’s Your Problem? Report Looks At Top Issues With Popular Smartphones

What are the major user-reported complaints with some of the hottest smartphones around?

Nokia Lumia 910 Name Shows Up Again, But Just What Is It?

Could the Lumia 910 be a new variation on the Lumia 900? Maybe an in-the-works Windows Phone 8 model?

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7.8 Update Page, Demos New Home Screen On Lumia 900

Microsoft’s page teases the coming arrival of the “bigger, more flexible Start screen” on the way.

Why Does The Lumia 900 Want You To Visit Akron, Ohio?

The GPS on some Lumia 900 models keeps insisting that the phone’s in Akron, Ohio.

Nokia: Lumia 900 Getting Windows Phone 7.8 In Just A Matter Of Weeks

Nokia says that the 900’s WP7.8 update will be ‘rolling out in the coming weeks’.

Nokia Lumia 900 Update Corrects Purple Screen, Delivers Other Fixes

900 owners on AT&T should now be able to access this latest update through Zune.

Nokia Maps for Windows Phone Updated To Version 2.0

Nokia has updated its Maps application bundled with Lumia Windows Phones to version 2.o.21.304. The new version of the application is more social.

Details Arrive On More Expensive, Limited Edition Batman Lumia 900

The Batman 900 will sell for 600 GBP, with only 900 units available.

Empty Nest: What I Miss (And Don’t) About the Nokia Lumia 900

A few weeks’ exposure to this little cyan wonder allowed me to experience firsthand what it was like to be part of the “beautifully different” crowd. A week after wiping its memory and beaming it back to live with its own kind, here’s what I miss -and don’t- about the Nokia Lumia 900.