The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 040
What do Twitter music, Motorola’s X Phone, Facebook Home, and taking your phone into a North Carolina bar bathroom have in common? Put your ears on this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast to find out!
Dear Nokia, Please Reboot Your Phone Designs
Oh no! Just how many variations on the same design can the…
Here’s How Nokia Can Win With Its Next Lumia Flagship
The Nokia Lumia 920 was easily one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones of late 2012. However, the buzz died quickly for the one-popular phone. What does Nokia need to make its next Lumia flagship more successful?
Hey Microsoft: Your Fans Are Killing Windows Phone
I adore Windows Phone, but a small subset of rabid fans are killing the platform’s goodwill. Here’s why Microsoft needs to get control of them before it’s too late.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 028
Rumor & speculation has taken no time to rest between CES and MWC. Join us for informal, yet informative, talk on the hottest smartphone & tablet rumors, from Samsung’s Galaxy S IV and Note 8.0, to HTC’s M7 and beyond.
To Sell Windows Phone, Microsoft Should Take A Page from BlackBerry’s Book
Wireless carriers have adopted special price plans before. Read on to see how we think Windows Phone could benefit from bringing the BlackBerry model back … and turning it inside out.
Nokia Announces Lumia 610, 710 and 900 Software Updates
Nokia is confirming software updates for three of its Lumia devices, namely the 610, 710 and 900.
What’s Your Problem? Report Looks At Top Issues With Popular Smartphones
What are the major user-reported complaints with some of the hottest smartphones around?
Nokia Lumia 910 Name Shows Up Again, But Just What Is It?
Could the Lumia 910 be a new variation on the Lumia 900? Maybe an in-the-works Windows Phone 8 model?
Empty Nest: What I Miss (And Don’t) About the Nokia Lumia 900
A few weeks’ exposure to this little cyan wonder allowed me to experience firsthand what it was like to be part of the “beautifully different” crowd. A week after wiping its memory and beaming it back to live with its own kind, here’s what I miss -and don’t- about the Nokia Lumia 900.
Nokia Camera Extension to Grace Lumia Windows Phones
Nokia will release a “Camera Extension” for the Lumia line-up which will integrate with the Camera application of Windows Phone, but with added features. These features will bring no less than four camera modes: Smart Group Shot, Action Shot (burst mode with about eight shots), Panoramic (stitching together five consecutive images) and the timer Self-timer.
Could This Nokia Lumia Model Really Be Running Windows Phone 8?
We’ve heard some rumors already that Microsoft had been testing current builds…
AT&T Seems to Be Selling White Lumia 900s a Couple Days Early
We just heard from one manufacturer about how it chooses to produce…
Would Nokia Sell Better with Android (Editorial)
In a recent article on PC Pro, a UK technology website, an…
Nokia Lumia 900 Review (AT&T)
Many Americans who follow the smartphone world were disappointed last year when…
Why Won’t AT&T Retail Workers Give Windows Phone A Break?
Before the Nokia Lumia 900 ever made it to AT&T, we had…
Nokia Brings Times Square To A Standstill (Video)
Last night at 7pm, Nokia and Nicki Minaj took over Times Square…
Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
First off let’s compare the pricing. The Lumia 900 is available from…
A Step Back: What’s Wrong With The Lumia 900?
Nokia’s Lumia 900 has done what seemed improbable for a Windows Phone:…
Nokia ‘Smartphone Beta Test’ Campaign Targets Competitor
Chris Weber, President of Nokia Inc. North America, has received lots of…
Nokia Lumia 900 Pre-Orders Already Offering Big Savings
We started-off the week by learning of the official AT&T launch plans…
For $100 More, Why Would Anyone Pick Titan II Over Lumia 900?
Fans of underserved mobile platforms, rejoice! AT&T today announced the impending availability…
Joe Belfiore: Lumia 900 Is Awesome, Reports Of Delay Are Fake
We already knew that the Nokia Lumia 900 is awesome, regardless if…
MWC 2012 Wrap-Up: Phone and Tablet Winners and Losers (Video)
It’s that time of the year again, when we’re both happy and…
Rogers Canada Preparing For Lumia 900 Pre-Orders Next Week
The Nokia Lumia 900 is not a new phone by itself; AT&T…