Microsoft Lumia 850 possibly pictured yet again, handsomest Lumia ever canceled?
Another set of beautiful Microsoft Lumia 850 live pics has surfaced online, starring a metal-framed upper mid-range device that’s likely canceled.
Registration for Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference kicks off January 19
The Microsoft Build 2016 developer conference may still be over two months away, but if you want to attend it, you’ll want to cough up $2,000+ next week.
Microsoft Lumia 750 or 850 certified in China ahead of possible MWC debut
A mid-range Microsoft Lumia 750 could break cover at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, following several recent Asian regulatory visits.
Microsoft ‘Honjo’ (Lumia 850?) rendered yet again, but launch remains unlikely
The oft-rumored Microsoft Lumia 850, aka Honjo, shows its face and rear on the interwebs for the third time in a few weeks, yet it may never materialize.
Alleged Microsoft Lumia 850 pictured again, this time in the flesh
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Microsoft reportedly prepping affordable flagship phone for spring; can you say Lumia 850?
A metal-framed upper mid-range Windows 10 phone from Microsoft could launch next spring, and the signs point to it being called Lumia 850.
Microsoft Lumia 750 possibly groomed for October 6 announcement too
A middling Microsoft Lumia 750 smartphone might be prepped for an October 6 formal introduction alongside the flagship-grade Lumia 950 and 950 XL.
Windows 10 Mobile OTA date leaked, along with Lumia 550, 750 and 850 specs
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