Windows 10 Creators update official with build 15204 to 13 devices

Microsoft has sent out build 15204 out to fast ring Insiders. It only successfully brought up 12 of them, with some of one model getting stuck.

Microsoft might be planning to roll out Windows 10 Creators Update to a lousy 13 phones

How dead are Windows phones? So dead that only 13 of them are apparently eligible for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform update.

A wild Microsoft Lumia 651 Windows phone appears in Mexico, but is it a real thing?

Out of nowhere, a Microsoft Lumia 651 Windows handset is listed on Redmond’s Mexico website with similar but not identical specs to the 650.

If you absolutely need a phone at Cricket, get a Microsoft Lumia 650 for 99 cents

It’s not exactly a thrift store phone, especially since the Microsoft Store is still selling the year-old phone for $199. Different story at Cricket.

More Lumias vanish from US and UK Microsoft Store, survivors still out of stock

The end is definitely near for Windows-powered Lumia smartphones, as American and British Microsoft Stores discard more and more models.

Cricket brings the just-launched ZTE Grand X 4’s price down to $50 for Black Friday

The literally just-released ZTE Grand X 4 mid-range phone on Cricket costs just $50 this Black Friday, while the Grand X Max 2 is $100 for switchers.

Source: Microsoft Lumia line to end in December

It’s the end of Windows Phone as we know it. If it comes to pass, will Microsoft mobile fans be fine? Will a Surface Phone come to save them?

Microsoft cements Lumia 950 price cut, starts new one for Lumia 650

The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are both under permanent discount. Again. The Lumia 650 is back on discount, though with with a little more reservation.

Cricket discounts Lumia 650 to $70 if you move your number over

It’ll be a full $60 off its original price at launch, but if you want to get the Lumia 650 on Cricket for so little, you’ll have to move your number.

One-day Microsoft sale lets you score discounted Lumia 650, free Surface Dock with Pro 4

Out of nowhere, Microsoft just kicked off a 24-hour US-only deal bonanza online, with Lumia 650, Surface Pro 4 and Xbox discounts aplenty.

The Lumia 650 on Cricket Wireless is prepaid’s first Windows 10 Mobile phone

Cricket Wireless said it would do it and it has done it. The Microsoft Lumia 650 is on the prepaid carrier as Windows 10 Mobile’s first entry into prepaid.

Cricket adds Microsoft Lumia 650 to its pre-paid lineup with tempting low price

The new Cricket Lumia 650 pre-paid offer gives Windows 10 fans an affordable smartphone option.

US, Canada get Lumia 650 pre-orders with April Fools’ promise

It’s a simple Windows 10 Mobile phone, but it gets “simple” right. And it’s available at $199 in the US and Canada from Microsoft.

Official Microsoft Lumia 650 US availability details likely coming this week

Unveiled almost a month back, and subsequently launched in Europe, the Microsoft Lumia 650 may finally go on sale stateside too later this week.

Microsoft Lumia 650 selling at Expansys UK for £160

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Mobile phone for the middle of the road has a nest in Expansys’ warehouse in the UK.

Microsoft Lumia 650 hands-on: looking good without breaking the bank (Video)

This MWC 2016 Microsoft Lumia 650 video may come a week after the phone’s launch, but it’s out first to go hands-on with this affordable new W10M option.

Microsoft Lumia 650 goes official at last with aluminum frame, $200 price tag

The long-rumored Microsoft Lumia 650 has finally been announced, and it looks quite “premium” for its $200 price tag.

Lumia 650 firmware files uncovered on Microsoft’s own servers – but Euro-only

A collection of Lumia 650 firmware files for various European nations has been unearthed, but where are the North American equivalents?

Forum chews on Microsoft shelving Lumia 850 for Lumia 650 XL

A few more details about this device have shown up including a 5.4-inch 720p display and a low-end Snapdragon processor.

Lumia 650 launch rumors close in on a new date, still pre-MWC

Are we just a little over a week away from the Lumia 650 launch date? The latest rumors point to a February 15 announcement.

Microsoft Lumia 650 inches closer to announcement with evleaked render

It’s only a matter of days until the Microsoft Lumia 650 breaks cover, and at least as far as its exterior is concerned, there are no more question marks.

Microsoft Lumia 850 possibly pictured yet again, handsomest Lumia ever canceled?

Another set of beautiful Microsoft Lumia 850 live pics has surfaced online, starring a metal-framed upper mid-range device that’s likely canceled.

Get the AT&T Microsoft Lumia 640 for half off ($30) from Best Buy while you can

The Microsoft Lumia 640, one of the cheapest smartphones due for a Windows 10 upgrade… someday, can now be had even cheaper than usual via Best Buy.

Microsoft Lumia 650 could get here a little later than rumored, still in February

Instead of the February 1 launch that’s been rumored, Lumia 650 delays mean we may not see the phone launch until the middle of the month.

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