The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 021
Microsoft’s Droid Rage smack-talk backfire, fresh thoughts on the Nexus 4 and 10, new Lumia Windows Phones and iPhone 5S rumors. Listen to this week’s podcast for all this and more, plus listener mail!
Nokia Announces Lumia 610, 710 and 900 Software Updates
Nokia is confirming software updates for three of its Lumia devices, namely the 610, 710 and 900.
Nokia Lumia 610 Review
Is Windows Phone running with that signature buttery smoothness on the Lumia 610 too? Check out our full review below to find out!
More Apps Say “Nope” To 256MB RAM Windows Phone
The Lumia 610 won’t run several high-profile titles thanks to its low RAM.
MWC 2012 Wrap-Up: Phone and Tablet Winners and Losers (Video)
It’s that time of the year again, when we’re both happy and…