Windows 10 Mobile transition slow, but happening with OS share at 14 percent

The Lumia 500-level devices are still the most popular for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. Windows 10 Mobile is growing faster.

Nokia Lumia 520 cedes top spot in global Windows Phone usage to Lumia 535

After nearly three years in first place, the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 falls to second in global Windows Phone popularity, being surpassed by the Lumia 535.

AdDuplex estimates more than half of Windows phones in use should get W10M

Windows 10 Mobile updates should eventually roll out to 50.4 percent of WP devices currently in use, according to AdDuplex.

Italian carrier issues new Windows 10 deadline for old Lumias: next week

Yet another overly optimistic Europen carrier expects Windows 10 Mobile updates for WP 8.1-based Lumias to kick off next week.

Recently reported Windows 10 Mobile updates are likely pre-release tests

Sorry, folks, but it doesn’t look like the public updating process to Windows 10 Mobile for old Lumias is underway just yet.

Windows 10 Mobile exceeds Windows Phone 8 usage, Nokia Lumia 520 remains most popular device

Despite Windows 10 Mobile surging very close to 10 percent global market share, the ecosystem’s most popular device remains the early 2013 Lumia 520.

Windows 10 Mobile update starts making its way to Lumia 535 in Latin America

Believe it or not, one of the world’s first smartphones updated to Windows 10 Mobile is the low-end Microsoft Lumia 535.

No less than six WP8.1-powered Lumias will get Windows 10 soon, at least in Germany

Microsoft will apparently make good on its promise to send OTA Windows 10 updates to a bunch of old Lumias in “early 2016”, specifically in the next weeks.
windows 10 phone

Microsoft posts very short list of Windows 10 ‘ready’ phones, but don’t panic

The names of all Windows 10-ready Lumia phones remain under wraps, as lists of eligible devices published in the UK and US fail to clarify the matter.

Lumia 535 sales kicked off through U.S. Microsoft Store, purchase for just $149

Finally, Microsoft Lumia 535 sales have officially been kicked off. You can purchase the unlocked model from the U.S. Microsoft Store for $149 unlocked.

Lumia 535 touchscreen-fix update makes early arrival

The promised Lumia 535 touchscreen-fix update is currently rolling-out to users in select countries.

Lumia 535 touchscreen fix should be just a week away

The due date for the Lumia 535 touchscreen fix is in – and it’s a 2014 date, at that!

Touchscreen issues on the Lumia 535? There’s a fix coming

According to Microsoft Malaysia, a Lumia 535 update is on its way to correct poor touchscreen sensitivity.

Microsoft brings Lumia 535 to India, with sales starting this week

With Lumia 535 India sales starting later this week, the nation’s about to get access to the very latest affordable Windows Phone model.

Sweeter Android, musical YouTube, Microsoft-ier Lumia | Pocketnow Weekly 122

If your top interests in this week’s news included the terms “Lollipop,” “Lumia,” or “YouTube Music Key,” the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is the show for you!

Microsoft Lumia 535 specs

It’s cheap, certainly, but what’s the bang-to-buck ratio for this Windows Phone? Find out through a look at the Microsoft Lumia 535 specs.

Microsoft announces Lumia 535, an affordable midranger

We knew it was coming, and now it’s finally landed. Say hello to the new Microsoft Lumia 535, an affordable midranger from Redmond.

Lumia 535 rumored specs detailed as we look forward to tomorrow’s news

Take a look at some possible Lumia 535 specs, the Microsoft-branded Lumia that may be the star of tomorrow’s launch news.