Windows 10 Mobile transition slow, but happening with OS share at 14 percent

The Lumia 500-level devices are still the most popular for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users. Windows 10 Mobile is growing faster.

Nokia Lumia 520 cedes top spot in global Windows Phone usage to Lumia 535

After nearly three years in first place, the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 falls to second in global Windows Phone popularity, being surpassed by the Lumia 535.

AdDuplex estimates more than half of Windows phones in use should get W10M

Windows 10 Mobile updates should eventually roll out to 50.4 percent of WP devices currently in use, according to AdDuplex.

Windows 10 Mobile exceeds Windows Phone 8 usage, Nokia Lumia 520 remains most popular device

Despite Windows 10 Mobile surging very close to 10 percent global market share, the ecosystem’s most popular device remains the early 2013 Lumia 520.

Microsoft halts Windows 10 Technical Preview availability for select Lumia models

Find out which Lumia smartphones are being bricked when downgrading to Windows Phone 8.1 thanks to a Windows 10 preview bug.

Does the Moto E threaten Lumia on the low-end?

Motorola’s new budget smartphone has a very low price. But can the Moto E threaten Lumia phones on the low end of the spectrum? We’ll take a look.

Which is more important: value or budget smartphones? (Poll)

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GSMA 2014 Global Mobile Awards announced; HTC, Nokia, Apple come out on top

Discover with smartphone companies came out on top of the GSMA 2014 Global Mobile Awards.

Microsoft offering free Lumia 520/521 with year of Xbox Music

Get the details on Microsoft’s unheard-of free Lumia 520/521 promotion, simply giving the smartphones away with a year of Xbox Music.

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Top 5 best priced devices for 2013

Even though most of your holiday shopping is over, we know that…

Moto G vs Lumia 520 (Video)

At $179 and $59, the cheapest smartphones available from Motorola and Nokia are quite a steal. Find out which one’s the better value in Moto G vs Lumia 520!

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Moto G versus Lumia 520? I’ll take the 520

In the battle of low end phones, we now have Moto G versus Lumia 520. Who is the big winner? Who gets my money? Find out here.

Is Google targeting Microsoft in the hardware department now too?

By bringing cheap compelling hardware to the market, is Google targeting Microsoft in hardware too? Either way, this does not bode well for Windows Phone

Microsoft de-Nokia-fies Lumia 520 in ad; a sign of things to come?

Take a look at the newspaper ad that has us wondering if Microsoft Lumia branding could be coming in the wake of this Nokia acquisition.

Carrier looking to July availability for Windows Phone 8 GDR2 updates

Check the dates for when one carrier plans to start granting Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update approval.

Canada Matches T-Mobile’s $150 Lumia 521 Pricing for Lumia 520

Will other carriers around the globe similarly lower Lumia 520 prices to match what T-Mobile is doing in the US with the 521?

Dear Nokia, Please Reboot Your Phone Designs

Oh no! Just how many variations on the same design can the…

Check Out Nokia’s Lumia 521 Getting Ready for T-Mobile

T-Mobile will be selling Nokia’s Lumia 521 soon. Take a look at how the phone will arrive.

Didn’t Make It To MWC 2013? Here’s Everything You Missed (Video)

MWC 2013 was a vast buffet of hot new smartphones and tablets. If you missed the show, watch our video for a fun summary of what was hot -and what was not- at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress 2013 Recap

MWC 2013 has been a whirlwind of an event. If you fear that you missed something, or just want to relive it all, we’ve got just the recap for you.

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Nokia Lumia 520, 720 Get Retailer Pricing, UK Arrival Date

Learn when Windows Phone fans in England will be able to buy Nokia’s new Lumia models, and what they’ll have to shell out for these handsets.