Will there be a Google Phone? N is for Nougat, and Note 7 bells & whistles? | Pocketnow Weekly 207
Will there be a Google Phone? What about the Note 7’s “fun” features? We’re introducing a new series with editors battling! Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 207!
AT&T Lumia 1520 rises out of inventory purgatory with sales (in 2016)
Its true that the Nokia Lumia 1520 remains the only real Windows 10 Mobile phablet offering in the States these days, but it is two-and-a-half years old.
Italian carrier issues new Windows 10 deadline for old Lumias: next week
Yet another overly optimistic Europen carrier expects Windows 10 Mobile updates for WP 8.1-based Lumias to kick off next week.
How to make a lens correction profile for your smartphone
If you’re serious about photography, you know about lens correction profiles. Why not use them with your smartphone, too?
Lumia Denim to bring 4K video recording to some devices soon
Learn more about the possible launch time of Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update for existing Lumia devices, and what enhancements are coming.
Dropping the iPhone 6, reviewing the Moto X, and drooling over HTC Rumors | Pocketnow Weekly 114
Fun with rumors, leaks, unboxings, and unplanned iPhone 6 drop tests: the Pocketnow Weekly has it all on episode 114. Join us!
HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia 1520: spec showdown
Check out our HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia 1520 comparison to find out which of these Windows Phone 8.1-powered monsters you should pick up.
Oneplus One watch, a waterproof One M8, & signing away your rights to Facebook | Pocketnow Weekly 107 (Hangout)
Ominous Facebook contracts meet new HTC devices, a svelte new Oneplus One watch, crazy giveaways and a special guest on episode 107 of the Pocketnow Weekly!
Nokia Lumia 1520 – After The Buzz, Episode 37 (Video)
It was the supersized spec suplex of 2013’s Windows Phone lineup, but how has this monster aged since? Find out in our Nokia Lumia 1520 review update!
Lumia 1525 hardware rumors land, as Surface Mini could be nearing launch
Is a new Lumia 1525 in the cards for Windows Phone phablet enthusiasts? Find out what to expect from its hardware.
Pocketnow Weekly 095: Apple Beats, fleece phones, & the great kickstand war
You know what they say: weird weeks beget weird weekly podcasts. On today’s show: Apple Beats, Surface Mini, and a BIG debate on the merit of kickstands.
Nokia Lumia Icon review rebuttal: Verizon’s first great Windows Phone
Save your arguments, 928 owners: Verizon’s first truly awesome Windows Phone just landed. Our admiration explained in our Nokia Lumia Icon review rebuttal!
Empty Nest: What I miss (and don’t) about the Nokia Lumia 1520
Our Lumia 1520 review is a few months old, and while it’s not yet time for an After The Buzz, I have some thoughts after a winter without the WP8 phablet.
Nokia shares a Windows Phone wearable, but this ain’t no smartwatch
Want a Nokia smartwatch? Keep waiting. In the meantime, there is one new Nokia Windows Phone wearable to check out, a “smart skirt.”
Pocketnow Week in Review: week 6 news recap of 2014
Check out the Pocketnow Week in Review for the week 6 news recap of 2014, to see the most interesting, popular, and exciting topics of the week.
Free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 from Microsoft if you trade in your old Apple iPhone or Galaxy S II
You can get a free Nokia Lumia 1020 or 1520 from Microsoft if you trade in your old Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, though there are some conditions.
Nokia Lumia 1520v leaks and rumors add up to a whole lot of uncertainty
Get the latest Nokia Lumia 1520v leaks, rumors, and find out when we may hope to learn the official story on this smartphone.
The advantages of carrying an oversized smartphone
In a world where smartphones are nearing tablet size, many are wondering what the advantages of phablets truly are. Read on to find out!
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