Microsoft’s first-ever LTE-enabled Surface Pro SKU is now widely available in three countries

Restricted to business customers for a little while, the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced has gone up for pre-orders for everyone back in March, and is now available for rapid delivery.

Anyone can now pre-order a $1,449 Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced support

Available for Microsoft’s business customers since December, the LTE-enabled fifth-generation Surface Pro is now up for pre-order for everyday consumers too.

Apple now tipped to retain Qualcomm as backup modem supplier for dual SIM 2018 iPhones

Intel may not be able to supply all required baseband chips for dual SIM-supporting 2018 iPhones, with Qualcomm also in the mix.

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced ships to business customers in December

A long overdue LTE-enabled Microsoft Surface Pro is coming in December to business customers, priced at $1,149 and up stateside.

T-Mobile launching 4×4 MIMO service and enhancements for theoretical 400Mbps downloads

In addition to getting four down/up signals right, the Un-carrier claims that a new modulation technology can help you get 400Mbps downloads.

Verizon LTE Advanced service boasts 50 percent speed improvement

Verizon has made its LTE “advanced”. Advancing speeds 50 percent from its regular 4G speeds, the good people say. Hundreds of millions covered.

T-Mobile aggregation in testing groups three bands together

Trials in the Dallas area got certain users speeds of up to 60Mbps. What’s this whole thing about three-channel carrier aggregation about?

Samsung launches new Galaxy Note 4 with tri-band LTE-A

There’s a new high-speed tri-band Note 4 variant on the way from Samsung.

iPhone 6 to include support for LTE Advanced?

Learn more about the recent leaks, which show that the iPhone 6 might include a new modem that could support the latest LTE Advanced technologies

AT&T starts offering high-speed LTE-Advanced network; how can you access it?

Learn about the LTE-Advanced AT&T carrier aggregation the company’s bringing to its network, and what it means for smartphone data speeds.

Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S 4 coming to Europe

See why it looks like Europe is finally going to see a Snapdragon 800 Galaxy S 4.

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