Having connectivity issues with your Samsung Galaxy S10? You’re not alone
Some users of Samsung Galaxy S10 devices are reporting connectivity issues with their LTE signal in some of the largest networks in the US
iPhones with AT&T 5GE? Galaxy S10 Plus Pearl White & more – Pocketnow Daily
Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the rumored iPhones with AT&T 5GE? Galaxy S10 Plus Pearl White & more
Google Fi international LTE coverage expands, RCS to roll out
If you’re taking your Google Fi phone to any of these 33 countries, you’ll be able to get on LTE for the same rates as you do at home!
AT&T rebrands some LTE as “5G Evolution” in network icon on its phones
AT&T has been calling LTE-Advanced technology, clearly a fourth-generation innovation, as “5G Evolution.” And people will have to know about it.
Galaxy Watch
Firmware update is available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE in the US
The Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE versions for T-Mobile and Verizon are starting to get a third firmware update to improve performance
Sprint’s network is tiny, if for the sake of a merger with T-Mobile
Its network coverage hasn’t ever really wowed, but Sprint’s latest LTE maps may look quite distressing to its customers. So, why trot them out?
Alcatel 3T 8 brings Android Go with LTE to a tablet
TCL’s BlackBerry Mobile may have taken the most attention at IFA 2018 for the company, but Alcatel is still chuggin’ at it.
We may get up to 6 Apple Watch Series 4 model variations this year
We get model numbers for the new Apple Watch Series 4 devices that are coming next month along with some images provided by Ben Geskin
T-Mobile increases international coverage, launches high-speed data pass
Customers can now travel to over 210 destinations and use their T-Mobile phone and plan, though with some limitations. The new pass gives a bump in speeds.
The long goodbye to CDMA: Verizon not activating 3G-only phones
The 3G network still has a year and a half before it officially shuts down, but it’s been whittled down to a point where Verizon won’t take any more in.
Intel’s latest iPhone modem supports CDMA, still needs to share orders with Qualcomm
Intel says it is making great strides with its latest LTE modem which will likely go into this year’s new iPhones and has its eyes on the 5G prize.
C Spire and US Cellular join ‘big four’ carriers in supporting Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE
The LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 can be activated on more than just America’s “big four” carriers, and C Spire even has a nice introductory deal.
Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE is launching in four more countries this week
We’re likely only a few months away from a Series 4 announcement, but the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 is not done expanding around the world yet.
“High confidence” on Pixel Watch with Pixel 3 event this fall
Given that Google is trying to spruik new development on Wear OS, will up to three watches under its Pixel brand help wit h the cause?
February state of LTE: global availability steadily rises, speeds have stopped growing
More and more countries around the world are enjoying “truly exceptional” 4G LTE availability scores, according to OpenSignal, but speeds are no longer surging at the usual pace.
EU finds Qualcomm guilty of market dominance abuse, $1.2 billion fine issued for exclusive Apple deal
Qualcomm will need to pay over $1.2 billion after the European Commission ruled the semiconductor giant’s exclusive LTE modem supply deal for iPhones and iPads broke antitrust rules.
AT&T aims to be the first US carrier with ‘true’ mobile 5G service live in 2018
Enough preparing and testing the 5G waters, as the next-gen mobile connectivity standard is pretty much ready for primetime, at least as far as AT&T is concerned.
SM-G888 is not the Galaxy X, but a phone for a bullet train
Samsung has launched an LTE network dedicated to a railway and is equipping its staff with a special phone to communicate with each other at high speeds. It doesn’t fold up.
Qualcomm and Microsoft bring on Always Connected PCs with ASUS NovaGo
It’s the first Windows 10 laptop powered by a Snapdragon chipset — the ones typically seen on Android smartphones. It starts at $599.
T-Mobile LTE CellSpot gets an update, Signal Booster introduced
One device brings a good T-Mobile signal closer to home. The other turns your home internet into a new T-Mobile cell site.
US highway testing shows AT&T and Verizon still the best
Sprint and T-Mobile have made marked improvements in their networks, but when it comes to the highways, it’s gotta be AT&T and Verizon.
Verizon’s refreshed Samsung Galaxy Tab E starts at $150 with Android 7.1.1
Priced at $150 on-contract, and $250 outright, the “new” Samsung Galaxy Tab E on Verizon stands out with pre-loaded Android 7.1… and not much else.
Apple could break Qualcomm alliance for 2018 iPhones and iPads, relying on Intel and ‘possibly’ MediaTek
No Qualcomm LTE modems for any iPhone or iPad variants next year? That may have sounded like a far-fetched theory a while ago, but now it’s possible.
Cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 lost LTE access in China a while back due to security concerns
The eSIM technology of the cellular-capable Apple Watch Series 3 may have cost it access to LTE networks in China, at least temporarily.
Apple Watch Series 3 faces major LTE activation trouble in the UK, EE helps users cope
It hasn’t been easy for many EE customers in the UK to activate their LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 3 units, but all errors have workarounds.