FCC investigating exploit in prison inmate location service used to track other people

Securus allows law enforcement to track prison inmates’ phone calls, but one sheriff abused a feature from software vendor Securus to track other people’s locations.

Samsung trademarks “Uhssup” as name for location tracking social app

Live, location-tracking features are coming into popularity and Samsung may be preparing to join in with its own application.

Google recklessly collected location info from unaware Android users for months on end

Location tracking is already a major privacy concern for many mobile device users, but the way Google’s been doing it is far worse than we ever imagined.
hidden risks of wifi

Security & Privacy: The Hidden Risks of WiFi

Every person who carries a WiFi enabled device with them can be tracked. The people they’re with can be tracked. Even if you have the WiFi on your device turned off, the device will occasionally turn it back on to “look around”.

Uber sometimes tracks your iPhone location long after closing the app, blames iOS for it

Uber isn’t taking the fall for the latest data privacy controversy, blaming your iPhone’s proprietary Maps service for constant location tracking.