YouTube TV and Hulu pick up 750,000 subscribers

But the two are nowhere near big-time players DIRECTV NOW and Sling. Plus, Netflix and Amazon still risk bowling these newbies over. Is live TV a valuable commodity in 2018?

Pay $140 and up for four months of DirecTV Now access, and get a free Apple TV 4K

The hot new Apple TV 4K typically costs $179 with 32GB storage, but new DirecTV Now streamers can get it completely free of charge.

YouTube TV: impressions, thoughts and suggestions one week in (video)

After taking YouTube TV for a one-week spin, and comparing it against traditional cable TV services, we have to say Google is on to something here.

YouTube TV is a live TV service ‘designed for the YouTube generation’, cloud DVR support and all

YouTube TV subscriptions will start at $35 a month when the mobile-first service launches in the coming months, including access to over 40 networks.