Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator can now dual boot Android and Linux

Promised to deliver multi-boot function, the Cosmo Communicator is now finally able to dual boot Android and Linux.

A $99 Chromebook is so much better with Gallium Linux installed

Chrome OS is okay if all you need is a web browser, but upgrading a Chromebook to Gallium Linux turns your Chromebook into a much more powerful, serious computer.

The new XPS 13 from Dell is looking better than ever

A new Dell XPS 13 is coming or way, with tons of power and beautiful design, plus, you can also go for its Linux Developers Edition

Pinebook Pro Review: A $200 laptop that’s only for cool people.

A Chromebook alternative where you don’t have to install Linux yourself? And it can also run Chromium OS or Android off an SD card? Sign me up!

The Librem 5’s hardware specs & pre-orders

The highly anticipated FOSS-friendly Librem 5 smartphone now has its specs finalized and the pre-order discount is ending soon.

How’s that Librem 5’s boot speed?

The Librem 5 is a Linux-based (Pure OS) smartphone that has been in development for a while. How’s it’s boot up speed coming along?
Wacom Cintiq with Linux

Adobe, Wacom, Autodesk, etc. should make a Creative Pro Operating System

Maybe it’s time for professional grade software and hardware makers to team up and put together their own “Creative Pro” version of Linux so they don’t have to depend on Microsoft and Apple anymore.

Microsoft joins OIN, makes 60,000 patents open source

Microsoft is joining the Open Invention Network in order to protect Linux and other open source software programs from patent risk.

How to design an OS for the future

The computing operating systems we have today are designed to be kind of stupid. How should an OS of the future be designed to incorporate both human and artificial intelligence?

Planet Gemini & BLOCKS: Crowdfunded Gadgets at CES 2018 (Video)

The modular smartwatch project took a year to rejigger itself for 2018 while Planet Computers is hoping for some success with its technostalgia product.

Tablet multitasking is the highlight of first peeks at Google Fuchsia OS

A video shows off what Google might do if and when it replaces Android with a revised mobile operating system. There are pictures, too.

Linux TCP vulnerability still in Android Nougat

1.4 billion Android users are at risk from an internet protocol hole that lets hackers get into a simple connection and inject an attack into it.
charging tablets wirelessly

Google’s latest Nexus security updates include fixes for half a dozen critical vulnerabilities

Get the details on this month’s batch of Nexus security fixes, including patches for quite a few critical issues.

Scary Linux root exploit found, but Google’s not even sweating any major Android impact

Google’s got a patch coming for a new Android Linux root exploit, while advising users that the attack doesn’t post a major risk to begin with.