LinkedIn breach leaves 700 Million users exposed [Update]
LinkedIn was breached again. A new report tells us that more than 700 million users’ information was exposed online by another hacker and put up for sale.
linkedin leak
After Facebook, data of half a billion LinkedIn users put up for sale online: Report
The leaked data contains LinkedIn profile IDs and URLs, names, email address, mobile numbers, employment info, and social media profile links.
LinkedIn Clubhouse clone
Next in line to copy Clubhouse is LinkedIn
LinkedIn doesn’t usually add new features, but when it does, it makes sure the feature has been tested by 7 other apps already.
LinkedIn Cover Stories can lead you to a job
Nearly 80% of hiring managers view video as an important tool for vetting potential job-seekers.
LinkedIn redesign
LinkedIn now has Stories too, gets a major redesign with a ton of useful new features
LinkedIn now lets users switch from messaging to video call with one click during a text exchange, and a dark mode is coming soon as well.
You can now remind people how to pronounce your name on LinkedIn
The feature will be rolling out to all the 690 million LinkedIn users over the next month.
LinkedIn caught grabbing clipboard content, blames it on a bug that’ll be fixed soon
LinkedIn blamed this intrusive behavior on a bug and mentioned this is not how the app is supposed to function on a day-to-day basis.