Light and Sony partner to develop multi-image sensor solutions

The future of multi-camera smartphones is what the recent Light and Sony partnership aims to influence as the two team up to push the envelope.

Let there be a second Light | #PNWeekly 314

Thoughts on the KEY2, the refreshed MacBook Pro, holes against notches, dating with people who have iPhones and a whole lot more on our show this week!

Light made the phone with 16 cameras — it wants to make another

But with this imaging startup’s heavy focus on software-driven results, perhaps we’ll see fewer than 16 cameras on this phone.

What is LiFi and why you should care: the next generation light-based WiFi

WiFi is great, but the wireless spectrum is getting awfully crowded. What if we could use the visible spectrum instead? We could, and it’s called LiFi.

Forget dual cameras: the Android-powered Light L16 has sixteen cameras

Will the sixteen individual cameras on the new Android-powered Light L16 make it the compact camera to beat?