BLU Life One X3 makes proper commercial debut to erase painful One X2 memory

Quietly listed on the company’s official website even before the highly-publicized Life One X2 bug was fixed, the BLU Life One X3 is up for grabs today.

Catastrophic BLU Life One X2 bug is finally fixed, Life One X3 quietly unveiled

If you’ve resisted the temptation of doing a BLU Life One X2 factory reset to bypass a recent password request, there’s now a way to gain back access.

Software update completely shuts out BLU Life One X2 owners from their phones

Software updates are usually a reason of joy for users of low-cost phones like the BLU Life One X2, but not when they add random passwords at boot time.

BLU Life One X2 Mini costs $180 with 5-inch 1080p screen, 4GB RAM… and Marshmallow

Priced at $179.99 on Amazon, the “diminutive” 5-inch BLU Life One X2 Mini packs a solid battery and plenty of memory, only running Android 6.0 however.

BLU Life One X2 delivers metal build, fingerprint recognition, 4GB RAM at just $180

You can always opt for the $135 entry-level BLU Life One X2 configuration with 2GB RAM and 16 gigs of storage, the rest of the specs looking good.