HTC hinted to license brand in India to Micromax, Lava and Karbonn

The Taiwanese phone maker is reportedly not going to make its own devices for the Indian market and leave it to three local players.

Spotify and Wixen settle $1.6 billion lawsuit

Spotify is working on paying money to the people who deserve the credit in making all of the music you stream from Spotify.

Qualcomm extending lower licensing rates to appease regulators and OEMs

The San Diego-based semiconductors company is conceding some ground to smartphone manufacturers by offering a patents package at a lower price. But it doesn’t mean that flagship phones will cost less soon.

Qualcomm 1Q18 earnings beat the street, but there are plenty of aches

Given the stumbling blocks Qualcomm has in front of it, such as Apple, Chinese regulators and grabby investors, the company has done a good job with the bottom line.

Wileyfox brand lives on, as another British smartphone manufacturer signs licensing deal

British smartphone vendor Wileyfox has managed to escape liquidation following a formal administration procedure and licensing agreement with compatriot STK.

Imagination selling processor biz, automation licenses to focus on defending PowerVR

The company sells GPUs for Apple’s iPhones, but it might not have that contract in the next year or so. So, the fight begins to defend the core IP.

Qualcomm wants US iPhone imports outlawed in latest patent war battle

This is probably never going to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to ask – Qualcomm wants the ITC to outlaw iPhones in order to score Apple royalties.

Samsung joins HEVC Advance to license out and in H.265 tech

Samsung is now playing with Hollywood’s codec of choice for compressing 4K video. As a large TV and smartphone maker, it’s a big deal.

LG taking BLU to task over licensing for five LTE patents

It has filed complaints with the US legal system as well as the International Trade Commission. BLU is said to have ignored negotiation requests.

Archos joins Kodak-reviving initiative with tablet licensing agreement

Archos is Kodak’s latest licensing partner, officially signed to handle manufacturing and distribution of jointly developed Android tablets.

Apple 1Q17 earnings meet expectations to break superficial records

Revenue was up, margins and net gains were down. Apple continued to exhibit strong peaks in services while seeing a spike in Mac and iPhone sales.

Qualcomm says it’s still working with Apple for iPhone chips

The semiconductor company is addressing multiple allegations made by Apple, the FTC and Korean regulators in its 1Q17 earnings call.

Apple v. Qualcomm: two new suits in China for $145 million

This time around, Samsung hasn’t infringed upon Apple’s patents, but Infinite Loop is still the plaintiff against chipmaker Qualcomm.

Following FTC, Apple sues Qualcomm over antitrust investigation

Infinite Loop claims that the San Diego-based chipmaker withheld $1 billion in royalty payments in the midst of an investigation into licensure practices.

FTC suing Qualcomm for “anticompetitive” licensing practices

The Federal Trade Commission is alleging that the chipmaker essentially shook down its clients for using competitors’ products.

Qualcomm and Meizu reach patent license agreement for 3G/4G technology

Semiconductor giant and leading 3G/4G patent holder Qualcomm has just signed another undoubtedly lucrative licensing deal, this time with Meizu.

South Korea fines Qualcomm over charges of squeezing competitors out

Qualcomm has had a bad rap with regulators for its predatory patent licensing practices. This is its second go around with Korea in five years.

Gionee and Qualcomm sign patent licensing agreement for cellular technologies

The deal, which covers Gionee devices with Qualcomm’s 3G and 4G technologies in them, rounds out a cadre with China’s top ten manufacturers.

OPPO licenses Qualcomm patents in China

Qualcomm silicon will continue to be in one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China thanks to this licensing agreement.

Huawei sues Samsung for infringing on user software and 4G patents

Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer, is trying to get Samsung to pony up license fees for patents regarding 4G cellular technology and other assets.

Microsoft Mobile Devices Sales rumored to disappear, Nokia feature phones license sold off

Microsoft is said to be planning thousands of job cuts in its mobile division while the Nokia brand on feature phones may get another owner.

Canon, IGT license battery charging patents to BlackBerry

It has struck agreements with camera maker Canon and gambling-focused IGT, both companies have some unique, proprietary charging technologies.

Microsoft strikes app-loading deal with Acer, 74th of its kind

The Office pool has grown just a bit larger. ASUS signed with…

ASUS smartphones will get Microsoft Office pre-loaded thanks to license agreement

Microsoft’s latest hardware is just days away from setting out into the…