The Privacy Friendly Librem 5 is now shipping (for cool people)
If you’re getting concerned about how much of your privacy is sucked up and used by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., you probably should be. The Librem 5 smartphone aims to give control back to the user.
The Librem 5’s hardware specs & pre-orders
The highly anticipated FOSS-friendly Librem 5 smartphone now has its specs finalized and the pre-order discount is ending soon.
How’s that Librem 5’s boot speed?
The Librem 5 is a Linux-based (Pure OS) smartphone that has been in development for a while. How’s it’s boot up speed coming along?
10 Ways to Protect Your Privacy with Purism
In today’s day and age, the information superhighway is increasingly becoming a battleground for cyber warfare. The internet is an amazing tool for freely learning and sharing information, but it’s also being used as a tool to harm real-life “meat-space” humans, economies, and governments. Your computer is an extension of your brain. Don’t let someone else control it. Here’s how.