lg velvet and wing pocketnow edited
LG is dead, but check out the heavily discounted LG Velvet and Wing right now!
The wild LG Wing is currently discounted by a massive $400, and the LG Velvet is also available at a lucrative price right now.
LG Wing update aims to solve multitasking woes of its swiveling dual-screen design
LG Wing users can now move an app from the smaller screen to the larger swiveling display with ease by using the Fetch or Send buttons.
LG Wing
LG Wing and LG Velvet make their way to India just in time for Diwali
The LG Wing is cheaper in India than the US.
Pixel 5 deal
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LG Wing
LG Wing coming to Verizon on October 15 for $999, pre-orders kick off on October 1
LG wing will also come T-Mobile and AT&T in the fall season, but details about an unlocked variant are still under the wraps.
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LG WING with Swivel display goes official
“The hinge mechanism in LG WING has proven to be perfectly reliable even after 200,000 swivels,” says the company.
Apple EU antitrust
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We have new leaked renders of the LG Wing
Take a look at the new leaked renders of the LG Wing, less than a week away from the phone’s official launch
LG Wing’s leaked hands-on video finally shows how the rotating dual display works
Another report from ETNews claims that the price of LG Wing has been internally locked at KRW 1.09 million (~ $918).
LG WING confirmed to be the official name of the upcoming rotating smartphone
Over the weekend, LG has confirmed, via a press release, that the official name of is upcoming rotating smartphone will indeed be LG WING.
iPhone production
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The unique LG Wing with rotating screen is coming on September 14
The LG Wing is finally going official.
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The price of the new LG Wing may not be so compelling
Checkout the possible price tags for the new LG Wing
LG’s Wing smartphone with a rotating secondary display appears in another leaked video
LG is trying to remove the cluttered on-screen controls of mobile games by moving some of the UI elements to the secondary screen.
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New LG Wing with rotating dual screen has been caught on video
Check out the new leaked video of the LG Wing