LG Pay is likely launching as LG Wallet alongside the G7 in the US soon

The Korea-only LG Pay digital wallet platform has its sights set on the US market, according to reports, where it might be renamed as LG Wallet during H1 2018.

LG Wallet app listing suggests LG G7 name will stick after all [UPDATE]

The app was published to the Play Store, left for LG Android phone users curious enough to download in confusion and had a hint of flagship moniker projection.

LG Pay is finally deployed to the G6 only in Korea as a feeble Samsung Pay rival

LG Pay is more than a little late to the digital wallet platform party, not to mention largely unremarkable and targeted at a tiny audience for starters.
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Facial recognition software may arrive soon on LG G6, with secure payment support

Both LG Pay support and “3D face scanning” tech could be enabled on the LG G6 in a couple of months, with the two services even working together.

LG Pay will go after Samsung Pay in June, exclusive to Korea and the G6 for starters

With “Wireless Magnetic Communication” technology and wide credit card support, LG Pay could be a fierce domestic Samsung Pay rival starting June.

Either LG Pay or wireless charging for the more expensive G6

The reasoning for the rumored feature triage is supposedly because of different markets and different interests. Whatever the interest, it will be costly.

There might be as many as four new LG smartwatches on the horizon, plus LG Watch Pay

The stage is apparently all set for early 2017 launches of the LG Watch Style, Force, Pro and Sole, plus an LG Watch Pay digital wallet service.

Could LG Pay have MST? It could appear on G6

Samsung Pay has a firm grip of Magnetic Secure Transmission technology with its patents, so LG may have to figure out something clever if the above is true.

LG Pay hits yet another roadblock on its seemingly doomed path to market

More Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay competition? Not from LG Pay, at least not very soon, with “errors” found during testing.

Long-delayed LG Pay card will have integrated circuit chip

There’s nothing like a good physical card. At least, that might be the thinking behind LG Pay. The chaebol may end up waiting until late this year for it.

Sources point to big steps in LG wireless charging tech

Industry sources are saying that LG has just wrapped development on a smartphone that can wirelessly be charged from up to 7cm away.
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LG Pay doesn’t look like it’s coming to MWC, after all

Instead of premiering at MWC 2016, we’re now hearing that the LG Pay launch won’t be happening until next quarter.

LG Pay’s physical card leaks ahead of rumored MWC reveal

Check out the LG Pay card that will drive the company’s new payment system, leaking ahead of a rumored MWC debut.