*UPDATED: Nope* – First Samsung Gear 360 pricing hint surfaces, and it’s not pretty

The highly anticipated Samsung Gear 360 spherical VR camera is still without an ETA and official price tag, but it looks like it’ll cost $350 stateside.

Killer LG G5 deal bundles 360 CAM and 360 VR in for a grand total of $750

The LG G5 is best enjoyed with its “Friends”, especially when it costs $750, 360 CAM and 360 VR headset accessories included.

Sprint LG G5 promos and details come with lowest price so far

The LG G5 will be $576 full price and come with deals when you buy it one way or another. Pre-orders begin tomorrow, shipments on April 1.

LG Friends pricing: what will the G5’s accessories cost you?

We’re finally starting to nail down some LG Friends pricing details, as news starts coming in from multiple markets.

LG G5 Magic Slot accessories explained – and could we also get a VR headset?

A new leak doesn’t just explain what we’re getting in terms of LG G5 Magic Slot modules, but also reveals an LG 360 VR headset.