LG patching vulnerabilities exclusive to its phones

The issues are considered quite pressing and are being addressed in an early-release software patch before Android has issued its monthly bulletin.

Better late than never: T-Mobile quietly sends Marshmallow update to entry-level LG Leon

Most of you probably don’t remember the low-end, low-key LG Leon, but T-Mobile isn’t ready to completely leave it behind just yet in terms of software.

T-Mobile will hand you a free phone (with rebate) if you sign up to a prepaid plan

Scoring a gratis phone from T-Mobile is as easy as joining one of the Uncarrier’s prepaid plans starting February 3.

Black Friday comes early at MetroPCS with BOGO deal on four Androids

Offline MetroPCS shoppers can buy a smartphone and get a free one valued at up to $50 through November 30.

T-Mobile leak reveals free smartphone offer for prepaid accounts

Who needs a subsidized postpaid plan to get a free phone? A new leak reveals an upcoming prepaid T-Mobile free smartphone deal.

T-Mobile will likely begin LG G Stylo and Leon sales on May 20

According to an internal T-Mobile memo, it looks like the T-Mobile LG G Stylo and Leon are launching on the Un-carrier on May 20.

LG launches quartet of new mid-range Androids

Get to know the four mid-rangers just revealed as LG pre-MWC launch news.