You can get the 10” Lenovo Smart Display for 60% off at Walmart

You can get a 10″ Lenovo Smart Display for a really low price if you hurry to some Walmart locations that may be close to you

The 8” Lenovo Smart Display is $50 off at Walmart

The 8″ version of the Lenovo Smart Display has a $50 discount at Walmart, and it’s a good device if you want a smart display with a camera for video calls

The Lenovo Smart Display is starting to get discounts at Best Buy

Discounts are starting to reach the Lenovo Smart Display at Best Buy in both the 8-inch and 10-inch versions in case you’re interested

This holiday season might give us a Google smart display

Google may be working on a new smart display to compete directly with the Amazon Echo Show and other similar devices, and we might see it soon

10″ Lenovo Smart Display is already getting a good discount

Here’s how you can get a $50 discount when you buy a new Lenovo Smart Display that can can be a good alternative to other smart devices for your home