LeEco websites taken down, other Chinese sites still up

LeMall and Leshi are still operating and giving out information, but the encompassing tech brand, LeEco, is pretty much dead, at least online.

China summons LeEco CEO to address debt, but he declines to go

Jia wants to work on an electric car-making joint venture in the United States, but the Chinese government wants to pull him back to pay his dues.

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LeEco website down through September 15

The week-long shutdown is intended to bring a refreshed look to the site. But that’s on top of layoffs and a cash crunch at the company.

Is a LeEco Le Pro 3 worth $238 at this point?

Best Buy had it at $250 some point in May. This time around, it’s $12 better. Is it worth your time? The company that makes it is in deep financial trouble.

Tencent exec likens LeEco to a “Ponzi scheme” as its parent company takes a fall

Leshi, which started as a streaming media company in China, is struggling to retain subscribers and is working towards paying off billions in debt.

LeEco sued by Vizio for essentially pawning the TV maker

The Chinese electronics manufacturer failed to go through with a $2 billion acquisition and is said to have cut some strings attached.

Bank gets a freeze on $182 million worth in LeEco chairman’s assets

A Shanghai court allowed the three-year freeze to take hold on assets owned by Jia Yueting, his wife and three LeEco-related firms.

LeEco has spent all of Sunac’s $2.2 billion repaying debts, still needs more

15 billion yuan in, 15 billion yuan out and there’s more that needs to be paid off for this Chinese electronics company. It’s two crises into cash chaos.

The company is struggling, but the LeEco Le Pro 3 phone is a steal at $250 from Best Buy

Its manufacturer may never bring a new phone to the US, but regardless of all that, you can’t complain about much when buying a $250 LeEco Le Pro 3.

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LeEco layoffs finally take hold in US, totaling 325 jobs

Financial troubles continue to burden the company’s faltering expansion from China. A hardware ecosystem will fall away to content subscriptions.

LeEco chairman steps down as CEO of Leshi, CFO also replaced

Jia Yueting will move off of day-to-day operations and focus on the corporate body and product vision. His regime of spending has brought trouble to LeEco.

LeEco’s EcoPass killed and replaced with DIRECTV NOW

A struggling digital content platform gets replaced with an up and coming one. What does it mean for struggling electronics manufacturer LeEco?

LeEco discounts in US continue during tax rebate season

About time those taxes were paid off. LeEco thinks you should get a few rebates of your own before the IRS has anything to say.

Rumored LeEco job cuts mean only 300 on US payroll

Back in October, chairman Jia Yueting said that the company had 500 employees in the US “with more being added each week.”

Le Pro 3 AI Edition gives LeEco a MediaTek edge

The Chinese manufacturer is propping up a couple of newer MediaTek chips and a new digital assistant with third-party links in service.

LeEco pulls out of Vizio acquisition due to “regulatory headwinds”

The Chinese electronics manufacturer is said to be going through withdrawal pains as a factor of its aggressive spending and financial misdirection.

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LeEco Le Pro 3 giveaway on Amazon through April 7

LeEco is back to its giving ways with an Amazon-based contest. And if you have an Amazon account, it’s a one-button deal.

LeEco payroll held back in US as morale falls, defectors move

Employees got checks today that were supposed to come in on Friday. It’s the latest rumored development of many that put the company in bad shape.

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LeEco may leave Silicon Valley to pave over financial turmoil

The Chinese smartphone-maker has billions of dollars coming its way, but it’s been chewing gristle in its oversized US operations in the meantime.

Upcoming LeEco flagship to sport a curved screen?

Reports of an upcoming LeEco flagship smartphone indicate high-end specs, in addition to this leaked front fascia with a curved glass on the sides.