iPhone X goes half-off on a Sprint lease

Maybe this is the reason why the iPhone XR and XS aren’t selling as well as Wall Street expected. Or it could be a symptom. Whatever the case, it’s a deal.
LG G7 ThinQ

Sprint charging $792 for LG G7 ThinQ with BOGO lease offering

That’s $42 more than what T-Mobile or Verizon is putting up for the same phone right now. And the “BOGO” part of it is less appealing than T-Mo’s deal. But if you’re loyal to Sprint, this is your option.

Sprint Galaxy S9 BOGO deal announced for customers who want to be a star

If you’re on Sprint and are looking to upgrade to that new Samsung phone you’ve been hearing about, you might want to make need to see if you can make room for two.

Sprint to intro Galaxy S8 Active with half-off deal for switchers November 17

If you’re coming to Sprint from another carrier, you can get a $425 discount off the newest and military-spec smartphone from Samsung.

Sprint iPhone X sales prepped with up to $350 doles for trade-ins

If you’re willing to trade in a phone you own, you might just be able to get a 64GB iPhone X for just $649 off of Sprint.

T-Mobile finally gets its own iPhone early upgrade scheme going

T-Mobile is bringing in a one-time upgrade offer for those buying into the new iPhones this year if customers have paid down half the price.

Sprint offers $350 credit for iPhone 8 trade-in deal

T-Mobile started out with a $300 ceiling for a trade-in when it came to an iPhone 8 discount. Sprint’s taking it just a bit further on different fronts.

T-Mobile’s JUMP On Demand to require down payments on some devices next year

Zero down on devices won’t last for long on T-Mobile’s refreshed leasing program with early upgrade opportunities, especially as phone prices skyrocket.

“T-Mobile is the Beats of wireless” and more in the mail | #PNWeekly 265

T-Mobile has all the cool people behind it, but one of our listeners, a Sprint employee, is throwing shade. We shine a light at his case on our show.

T-Mobile reveals REVVL with new JUMP On Demand and Smartpicks programs

The new ODM device is the Un-carrier’s first in years and comes along with a new affordable phone series and a revised leasing scheme.
T-Mobile JUMP On Demand

T-Mobile updates JUMP On Demand with monthly switcharoos

You can upgrade your phone once every 30 days under this new plan. But the program also acts as a more standard 18-month leasing program.

Microsoft Surface Plus brings zero-interest leasing with 18-month upgrades

Surface Plus will make paying and upgrading the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio more affordable. There’s a business plan, too.

Sprint Flex aims for ‘ultimate’ leasing simplicity, Sprint Deals come with cool savings on many phones

With Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals, it should be easier and cheaper than ever before to lease a new phone and choose to upgrade or own it down the line.

Sprint BlackBerry KEYone gets a price: $528

The only US carrier to stock the keyboard-equipped mid-ranger in its stores is underpricing said KEYone by just $22. It’s still notable.

Sprint offers BOGO Galaxy S8 lease starting tomorrow

That is, an 18-month lease with an option for a no-charge upgrade to what might be the Galaxy S8. And also, you have to have a new line or two.

Sprint’s Galaxy Forever lease deal comes up with Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Forever program is back with free upgrades at 12 months, an option to buy at 18 and a chance of biting dust with the S8 after that.
T-Mobile JUMP On Demand

T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand lease option is sunsetting

The leasing program that let you trade your smartphone up to three times a year has been bagged. A customer service rep guessed it ended in October.

Sprint’s free iPhone 7 deal could make it money

Sprint’s likely going to lose money on offering a free iPhone 7 with a trade-in, like all the other carriers, but there are certain things that can help it.

If plans are true, Sprint contracts may get finished off August 26

Sprint killed contracts once, it will do so again — it’s already halfway there as new customers can’t get a two-year contract.

Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program shuffles off silently

The program allowed customers to finance their Galaxy S7 purchase and let them trade the device in after a year for a next-generation Galaxy S for free.

Sprint’s two-year contract revival may be a zombie act

Installments and leasing look to take the way again at Sprint as we’re learning of a leak that will take away two-year contracts for all customers.

The iPhone Upgrade Program online starts with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

You now don’t have to walk, drive or fly down to an Apple Store to get a straight-from-Apple financing deal on a new iPhone with ensured upgrades.

Waiting longer between phone upgrades? A lot of users are, and installment plans may be to blame

Little by little, users are waiting longer and longer to get a new phone as smartphone upgrade cycles lengthen.

Galaxy S7 should see Samsung introduce its own phone leasing program

An official from-the-manufacturer program of Samsung smartphone leases is tipped to begin in South Korea with the Galaxy S7.