Not one, but two iPhone 9 models could arrive this year

We have heard rumors of more iPhones during 2020, and now, it seems that we could end up receiving even more, with a second iPhone 9 with LCD display
Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Pocketnow Daily: A THIRD Galaxy Note 10??(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting a third variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and more

BOE develops in-display fingerprint scanner for LCD displays, starts production by end of 2019

Chinese display manufacturer BOE announced that it developed the technology required to place an in-display fingerprint scanner inside an LCD panel.

To all the 2018 tech we… tolerated? | #PNWeekly 338

We are wrapping up the year in mobile tech news from Apple’s battery throttling bungle to the nightmare and adrenaline rush that was Techtober!

Samsung rules smartphone display market with Super AMOLED

Samsung not only claims dominance in the OLED market, where it has long held the lead, but also in LCD production for smartphones.

Another great solution for the notch is provided by the Nubia X

The new Nubia X removes the selfie camera from its front panel to eliminate the need for the notch, but it gives us a better option for selfies

The iPhone Xr has a Liquid Retina display, the most advanced LCD tech

It has all of the pretty colors from inside with its Liquid Retina display to out with six vanity finishes on top of aluminium. How much will it cost?
2018 iPhones

This year’s new iPhone models may surpass iPhone 6 record sales

These year’s iPhone model lineup may surpass the record sales that were established back in 2014 with the iPhone 6, or that’s what supply chains think
2018 iPhones

Ming-chi Kuo can’t pick a price for the iPhone 9

The renowned Apple analyst has put out vague ranges in his latest research note. And we’re only days out from a potential launch event.

Apple might leave the Plus behind and introduce the iPhone Xs

New iPhone models are coming, and we still don’t have a clear idea of their names. Now, Apple could drop the Plus brand to give us an iPhone Xs

The $1,000 iPhone X didn’t work out for Apple, so expect more LCDs to come

Sources say that LG is set to provide a mix of LCD and OLED displays for 2019’s iPhones. Why? People were turned off by the cost of the iPhone X.

Now there’s a hands on video of the iPhone X Plus and LCD iPhone dummy units

Videos have surfaced that show us the new 6.5″ iPhone X Plus and the 6.1″ LCD iPhone in dummy versions that seem like the real deal

Who’s right about iPhone 9 delays — screen suppliers or Apple?

Some analysts and supply chain sources say that Apple is delaying the launch of this LCD model to allow more expensive ones to sell first and sell more.

Ad spending does not help LG Mobile sales in 2Q18

Home appliances and home entertainment made good money for LG this quarter, but low-end phone sales collapsed in a saturated market.

We might have to wait until October for the 6.1” LCD iPhone with new colors

We have more reasons to believe that the 6.1″LCD iPhone will be available until October, the good thing is that we are having many color options
LG Display

Apple-supplier LG Display cuts $2.7 billion from its investment plans

Concern for the global smartphone market determined LG Display to cut $2.7 billion from its investment plans to 2020, affecting its LCD business, not OLED.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Kuo: Samsung Galaxy S10 will match 2018 iPhone sizes

Ming Chi Kuo gives his opinion on what to expect from the new Samsung Galaxy S10 models that might have things in common to this year’s iPhone models

Most people will have to live with the iPhone 9’s thicker bezels

It’s expected to replace the design that’s been on the iPhone 8, 7 and others before with an iPhone X-like approach, but with some compromise.

LG Display signs deal to supply 2018 iPhones with up to 24 million screens

LG has reportedly taken its fair share of Apple’s orders for displays for its three new iPhones this year. How much is that share?

Apple turns to one supplier for thin backlight for iPhone 9

Sources say that this thin backlight is all for the sake of a thinner bezel line though whether or not it will have a thin bezel is up to other factors.

LCD iPhone and iPhone X sequels may get up to six colors total

The affordable 6.1-inch iPhone may launch with four or five colors at launch while the most premium 6.5-inch version may go for the gold.

Morgan Stanley projects $899 starting price for the next iPhone X

It’s been thought that 2017’s iPhone X would be the floor from which all such advanced iPhones would start from in terms of price.

Kuo: LCD iPhone is not late, but look for new MacBook Air and iPad Pro with Face ID

Famous (or infamous) Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is back at a new investment firm and is tackling some predictions on what the company has to offer soon.

Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ1 users complain of striped LCDs

Owners of the XZ2 and XZ1 have been complaining about thin lines of odd contrast appearing on their LCD screens. What’s Sony’s explanation?

Of 2018 OLED iPhones, 6.5-inch size will get more inventory than 5.8-inch

The most expensive iPhone this year is expected to outsell the second-most expensive version, but neither will beat out the delayed affordable version.