Qualcomm data center business struggles, layoffs reported
The company may have chosen the wrong time to streamline its offerings as its primary mobile-focused business struggles through court battles.
htc u11
HTC cuts dozens of jobs in India while clinging to the market
Dozens of jobs have been cut with redundacies being placed in the company’s Taiwan headquarters. And yet, HTC struggles on in India.
HTC is firing another 1,500 employees to ‘more effectively’ manage resources
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in a desperate search of profitability, HTC will soon cut 1,500 manufacturing jobs in Taiwan.
After recent acquisition, Broadcom lays off 1,100 employees
What would have happened if Broadcom had acquired Qualcomm? Some say we should take a cue from the aftermath of a recent actual acquisition.
Qualcomm job cuts stand at 1,500 in California, more elsewhere
The semiconductors company is looking to cut 4 percent of its staff as part of a cost reduction regime to increase dividends to investors.
Qualcomm begins cost reduction regime with widespread job cuts
The California-based semiconductors company is working to cut operation cuts by about $1 billion yearly and had considered not touching the workforce.
Moto X5 canceled, Moto Mods program restrained after rumored job cuts
The Moto X4 successor may not be while Moto Mods may not be as imaginative as Lenovo had hoped they could be. All as the mobile division suffers financially.
Lenovo rumored to have cut Motorola Chicago staff again
Anywhere from one-third to one-half of the remaining staff in Chicago are getting the slip. One Moto Mod developer is holding back on devastating news for the Moto Z series.
Microsoft job cuts mean up to 3,000 staffers will be laid off
The word on the street is that the sales department will downsize and serve businesses, businesses and more businesses. All sizes, too.
LeEco layoffs finally take hold in US, totaling 325 jobs
Financial troubles continue to burden the company’s faltering expansion from China. A hardware ecosystem will fall away to content subscriptions.
Rumored LeEco job cuts mean only 300 on US payroll
Back in October, chairman Jia Yueting said that the company had 500 employees in the US “with more being added each week.”
LeEco may leave Silicon Valley to pave over financial turmoil
The Chinese smartphone-maker has billions of dollars coming its way, but it’s been chewing gristle in its oversized US operations in the meantime.
Mozilla cuts 50 jobs in connected devices, Firefox OS falls to IoT focus
Firefox has not been working out on televisions, phones and tablets. Heck, web browsing is suffering, too. But aims are high for IoT.
Fitbit disappoints in holiday quarter, letting go 110 employees
A sluggish holiday quarter and an overall sluggish year is the word from Fitbit. But the company did come away from 2016 with some new assets it can use.
The Information: Fitbit job cuts expected following holiday sales slump
No numbers have been detailed. The company is expected to give a downbeat overview of its fourth quarter performance on January 30.
ZTE lays off 3,000 as phones continue to underperform in China
While the manufacturer is establishing a solid presence in the United States, its Chinese sales have slid to the favor of OPPO and Huawei.
LeEco has no choice but to downsize its ambitious operations in ‘various geographies’, including India
Faced with sudden cash flow problems, the overly ambitious LeEco is hitting the brakes on its various international businesses.
Sources say Cyanogen shuttering Seattle headquarters, more jobs to go
The building gets locked up at the end of the year as more jobs go elsewhere. The second cofounder of Cyanogen may also lose his job.
Twitter shutting down Vine, lays off 300 employees
The two announcements, which aren’t necessarily tied together nor mutually exclusive, continue the narrative of a struggle to profitability for Twitter.
Lenovo lays off about 1,000, mostly in Motorola
Most of those job cuts will end up impact Motorola in Chicago and the 1,200 or so jobs that are still there. Will Lenovo shut Chicago operations down?
Microsoft staff cuts grow to 4,700 for the next year
In addition to the 1,850 layoffs announced in relation to Microsoft’s mobile unit, the company is planning an additional 2,850 layoffs in the same vein.
Cyanogen, Inc.
Cyanogen claims no “pivot” to apps, more information to follow
The CEO and the co-founder of Cyanogen Inc. are batting back against reports that the company is turning away from OS development.
Cyanogen layoffs hit hard, a new charge on apps expected
As the company’s OS struggles to gain ground, Cyanogen is laying off about 30 percent of its staff as it heads off in a new direction with a new COO.
Microsoft announces yet another round of phone-related layoffs, $950 million restructuring charge
While it’s still not ready to completely throw in the towel, Microsoft continues to signal the imminence of its smartphone business exit.
Microsoft Mobile Devices Sales rumored to disappear, Nokia feature phones license sold off
Microsoft is said to be planning thousands of job cuts in its mobile division while the Nokia brand on feature phones may get another owner.