OnePlus 7 launch

Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 7 Pro Event, Honor 20 Pro Rumors & more (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the event that will launch the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, new information on the Honor 20, and more.

Sprint takes AT&T 5G E lawsuit to the public in New York Times ad

The visibility of Sprint’s lawsuit against AT&T’s LTE-turning-into-5G marketing ploy has just shot up with a full-page ad and, we know, media coverage.

In Qualcomm anti-trust battles, Korean FTC could be its ticking time bomb

As part of antitrust mitigation measures it’s obligated to fulfill, Qulacomm has to renegotiate a bunch of patent licensing deals. It hasn’t happened.

Huawei P30 Rumors! ft. Booredatwork | #PNWeekly 348

On our show, we discuss Huawei’s legal challenges in the United States and beyond. Plus, hardware talk with the upcoming P30 and current Galaxy S10!
Huawei P30 teaser

Huawei lawsuit against US allows for public relations campaign to fluorish

The US government and Huawei are locked in several legal battles at the moment. The tech manufacturer is looking to make headway in its reputation.

Apple reportedly about to skirt Qualcomm injunction in Germany with new iPhone 7, iPhone 8 models

Qualcomm has attempted to stem iPhone sales in Germany over a patent infringement grudge, but Apple may have found itself a way out.

Qualcomm suffers blow as judge sides with Apple on infringment suit

And the trial has yet to officially start! The latest develpments in this case of many cases of growing animosity between the two companies favor Apple.

US formally charges Huawei with T-Mobile secrets stealing, sanctions fraud [U]

Huawei is accused of incentivizing its employees to steal trade secrets. It is claimed it also lied to banks about its ties to an Iranian company.

Apple admits Qualcomm was the only real 4G choice in 2012

The FTC’s lawsuit against the chipmaker took a hit when Apple admitted that Qualcomm’s merits in LTE technology led to its modems being in iPhones.

App Store and the “tax” may be Apple’s lurking shark

It’s not just Apple’s 30 percent cut from app publishers’ revenues that has one analyst worried: it’s the App Store’s sole existence on iOS.

German court tosses Qualcomm suit against Apple, iPhone ban continues

A Mannheim court tossed out Qualcomm’s patent suit against Apple, but the chipmaker still has an iPhone sales ban in effect.

The iPhone 7 and 8 models are no longer available in Germany

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 variants are no longer for sale in Germany through the site of after Qualcomm took a dangerous gamble

Qualcomm pays to enforce iPhone sales ban in Germany

The ban is covering more than the 15 Apple Stores in the country — it will also affect sales of the iPhone 7 and 8 at more than 4,000 resellers.
LG building

LG the latest to support South Korea’s lawsuit against Qualcomm

Samsung dropped out of supporting the Korean Fair Trade Commission’s lawsuit against the semiconductors company for an anticompetitive charge.

Spotify and Wixen settle $1.6 billion lawsuit

Spotify is working on paying money to the people who deserve the credit in making all of the music you stream from Spotify.

Qualcomm wins iPhone sales ban in Germany

The ban affects iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models, though Qualcomm vows it will pursue injunctions on the XS, XS Max and XR models, too.

Apple (and suppliers) ready for $9 billion court battle with Qualcomm

Apple’s contracted iPhone manufacturers are ready to face off with the chipmaker and perhaps rake up to $27 billion in damages if arguments go their way.

Apple predicts dire consequences settling with Qualcomm over China iPhone ban

Apple is scrambling to update iPhones in China to avoid utilizing Qualcomm patents, but wants to fight off settlement and avoid “unrecoverable losses.”

Qualcomm chasing iPhone XS, XR sales ban in China as well

The chipmaker won a preliminary injunction against iPhones released in the past 3 years, but it also wants to wrap in the latest ones with the bans, too.

Reuters: Apple not negotiating with Qualcomm on “any level”

Apple has been going after Qualcomm on several intellectual property causes and, ultimately, money. And it will do so in court.

Apple is “trying to destroy” Qualcomm by refusing to pay $7 billion in royalties

Apple is really behind on its royalty payments to Qualcomm, a lawyer for the chipmaker said in court.

Portugal courts rule Google can’t remove Aptoide from users’ Android phones

The Play Protect security software on Android phones is said to have systematically targeted installations of third-party competitor Aptoide.

California passes own net neutrality law, Justice Department sues

On the same day Governor Jerry Brown signed the law that restored net neutrality regulations on ISPs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit.

Qualcomm still positive on Apple relationship

Qualcomm is very insistent that it can get back to an amicable relationship with Apple as a supplier. But can it with mountains of lawsuits stacked?

Qualcomm claims Apple stole code to support Intel modems

After antitrust claims against it, Qualcomm is turning the table against Apple for intellectual property theft to drive down modem costs for the iPhone.