New legislation in EU would promote competition and protect users from big tech companies
New regulations in the EU could force companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and more, to change to let other smaller companies compete
Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Apple FORCED to CHANGE iPhone to USB-C?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting USB-C charging ports in future Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy S20 registrations and more
It seems that Apple will have to include USB-C ports in their future devices
The parliament of the European Union has voted in favor of creating laws that could make Apple start including USB-C ports in their future devices
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California passes own net neutrality law, Justice Department sues
On the same day Governor Jerry Brown signed the law that restored net neutrality regulations on ISPs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit.
What is GDPR and why you should care
Everything you need to know about GDPR. Whether it is about your fitness app, doing online shopping, applying for a credit card or just sending your Résumé around, the highly anticipated European legislation, called GDPR, will bring changes that you need to be aware of.
WhatsApp pledges to UK it won’t share data with Facebook, government drops enquiry
Why can’t WhatsApp freely share all the data Facebook wants? WhatsApp is still just a messaging service while Facebook has grown to be complex and data-driven for revenues.
Scammers make Apple Watch returns and buyers get boxes of lies
Some ingenious crooks have apparently been able to resell Apple Watches and made back more money by returning stuffed, re-sealed boxes to stores.
Bell to pay $1.25 million for astroturfing app reviews
Back in 2009, Apple decided to block over a thousand apps from…
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