Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Apple FORCED to CHANGE iPhone to USB-C?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting USB-C charging ports in future Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy S20 registrations and more
It seems that Apple will have to include USB-C ports in their future devices
The parliament of the European Union has voted in favor of creating laws that could make Apple start including USB-C ports in their future devices
Pocketnow Daily: Where is the Galaxy Fold? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold being canceled, a new foldable design and more.
California passes own net neutrality law, Justice Department sues
On the same day Governor Jerry Brown signed the law that restored net neutrality regulations on ISPs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit.
US Muslim citizen sues Customs and Border Protection for seizure of iPhone
Lawyers say she was never given a reason why her iPhone was confiscated for 120 days, especially given what was on the device.
European Commission Google
Google faces record fine (again) for gaming Android’s dominance in Europe [UPDATE]
Google has been fined more than €4 billion for tying up Android with its search and web services. We’ve updated this story with a statement from Google.
More than a million students may go without smartphones in Australian schools
In New South Wales, the government has commissioned a study to look into the digital behaviors of students from kindergarten to Year 12.
Trump to fight Senate to protect ZTE access to US products
The Defense Department’s budget for the next year, as the senate has it written, will prevent ZTE from sourcing parts from US contractors.
ZTE has lost $3.1 billion under the effects of US imports ban
It’s been about a month since the Commerce Department locked ZTE out of products from American companies. Lawmakers want to make sure that stays the case.
What is GDPR and why you should care
Everything you need to know about GDPR. Whether it is about your fitness app, doing online shopping, applying for a credit card or just sending your Résumé around, the highly anticipated European legislation, called GDPR, will bring changes that you need to be aware of.
FCC’s net neutrality repeal order will take full effect June 11
After months of regulatory uncertainty as to when the repeal of the Open Internet Order would take effect, we finally have a due date.
WhatsApp pledges to UK it won’t share data with Facebook, government drops enquiry
Why can’t WhatsApp freely share all the data Facebook wants? WhatsApp is still just a messaging service while Facebook has grown to be complex and data-driven for revenues.
State of Washington first to enforce net neutrality rules
It’s the first state law with teeth to go against the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” and will surely be the subject of legal disputes.
Verizon SIM-locking phones again soon to “reduce fraud”
While Verizon pads its move as one that will stop theft and bring it in line with the rest of the industry, it had been bound by the FCC in 2008 to not lock any of its handsets.
After FCC vote, legislators draft bills chasing down net neutrality repeal
One bill comes from a Democratic senator, the other from a Republican representative. Which is more net neutral? Which has a chance on the floor?
FCC’s Pai, Carr, Reilly lead party-line vote to dismantle Title II protections for ISPs; net neutrality at risk
The commission’s three Republican members voted against the two Democratic members to remove regulations that activists say promoted net neutrality.
FCC will vote to kill Title II web protections, hurt net neutrality on December 14
The Open Internet Order equalized internet access after a raft of conflicts between content providers and internet providers. It may be killed.
No more unlocking fees in Canada from December 1
Carriers must be able to provide device unlocking free of charge from day one. Customers now also have more control on overage caps
How to fix every Galaxy S8 review in numerous, difficult steps | #PNWeekly 250
We chat with Engadget’s Evan Rodgers on how to strike the balance between pitting visual hedonism with consumer nuance in our editorially-starved world.
Pay your government to access porn says proposed South Carolina law
A proposed law would assess a $20 fee to those interested in viewing porn on their phone, tablet or any sort of web-connected computer.
AT&T and Verizon respond to FCC on own-brand zero-rate programs
The carriers argue that the fact that they can zero-rate their own streaming content program along with its competition stands as a consumer benefit.
RIP Pebble and Apple’s business post iPhone | #PNWeekly 230
On our podcast, we rip into Fitbit’s handling of its acquisition of Pebble and look into our crystal balls (as if we don’t do that enough) on Apple.
iOS vulnerability causes iPhones to repeatedly call 911 after retrieving malicious link
The police department in Surprise, Arizona took in more than 100 calls in just a few minutes from iPhones repeatedly dialing 911. All from a Twitter link.
Scared of data-only
FCC establishes ISP privacy rules for mining customer data
Some data you automatically give to your internet provider like your email address and what service you sign up for. But you can even opt out of that.
Samsung staffing airport kiosks for Galaxy Note 7 returns
If you cannot get your Galaxy Note 7 changed up in time before your next big flight, you can hope that your closest airport terminal has a Samsung booth.