Android Launcher, Lightning Launcher

Android Launcher: Lightning Launcher

If you want the most customizable, feature-packed Android launcher that we’ve seen to-date, Lighting Launcher is it.
Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On 3

Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Hands-On (Video)

Unlike other launchers, Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher is “aware” of where you are and what you’re doing – and reacts accordingly. Hit play to see what we mean.

This Might Be the Most Visually Impressive Android Launcher Ever (Video)

Watch as we go hands-on with Vire Launcher Beta — what could be the most visually appealing Android launcher we’ve ever seen!

LMT Launcher For Android Hands-On (Video)

Watch as we explore LMT Launcher — not a launcher replacement, but it may replace your launcher!
Tile Launcher

Tile Launcher Makes Your Android Look like Windows Phone, Only Better! (Video)

Watch as we explore Tile Launcher for Android — a launcher that makes your Android phone look like Windows Phone 8 — sort of.

Bazooka Launcher for Android Is A Skinner’s Dream (Video)

Watch as we dig into Bazooka Launcher, a Launcher replacement for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. It’s fast, support themes, and is a dream to use!
ADW Launcher EX

ADW Launcher Updated, Here’s What’s Hot! (Video)

Watch the newest version of ADWLauncher EX in action and see why we keep coming back to one of our favorite 3rd party launchers.
MiHome Launcher

Launcher Wars 8: MiUi-Style MiHome Launcher

MiUi is an amazingly beautiful custom ROM, based on Android, for various smartphones. It almost entirely re-writes the UI to something that has hints of iOS, but is most certainly its own.

Launcher Wars 7: Regina 3D Launcher

One of the things we love about Android is the ability to change the look and feel of the launcher just by installing a new app. There are lots of replacement launchers, so many in fact that we’ve devoted an entire series to them: Launcher Wars. In this episode we’ll walk through Regina Launcher, a very 3D, smooth, and animated launcher.

Launcher Wars Part 6: Trebuchet, the New Launcher in CM9

The easiest way to customize your Android-powered phone or tablet is to…

Android Launcher Wars Part 5: Apex Launcher (Video)

You might recall that we’re not particularly fond of HTC Sense 4.0,…

Launcher Wars, Part 4: Open Home 6

Open Home was one of the first launcher replacement apps that I…

Android Launcher Wars, Part 3: Go Launcher EX (Video)

One of the things we like best about Android is the ability…

ADW Launcher 2 Beta Walk-Through (Video)

You’ve seen our Launcher Wars videos in the past, and we’ve made…

ADW Launcher 2 Beta Available

There are a lot of fantastic launchers for Android. Launchers can give…

Regina 3D Launcher for Android is Free (Video)

The Android launcher wars are heating up! Recently we showed you the…

Spb Shell 3D for Android Released! (Video)

Spb Mobile Shell has been around for a while, but not for…

Android Launcher Wars: What Does The Future Hold?

For those of you who’ve been following our “Android Launcher Wars” series,…

Android Launcher Wars, Part 2: ADWLauncher EX (Video)

Brandon and I agree on many things, but (contrary to popular opinion)…

Android Launcher Wars, Part 1: Launcher Pro (Video)

Joe and I agree on a lot of things, but perhaps not…