Google Play Store reports 10 million downloads for Microsoft Launcher
The Android launcher formerly known as Arrow Launcher has reached a big download milestone and that’s to be celebrated at the very least.
Dev-ported Pixel Launcher makes every feature actually work
If you prefer the clean look of the Pixel Launcher but haven’t been able to get everything working properly, try this neat-o port.
Chrome OS launcher menu redesign should give touchscreen users solace
It’s in the very early stages of testing right now, but it does go along with the touch-ification of the operating system. Android apps are right there.
Galaxy S8 lag may get fixed with TouchWiz Home update
There’s this particular little bit of the experience that has particularly bugged those who need to dip into their app drawer that has been paved over.
Nova Launcher integrates Google Feed through a workaround
The Google feed has been elusive for most launchers that aren’t from Google on Pixel and Nexus devices. Not for Nova now.
Play Store downloads indicate that Google Pixel sales have finally breached 7 digits
The installation count for the launcher app, exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL, has rolled over from the 500,000 milestone to 1 million.
Nova Launcher takes on Android O notification dots
Nova Launcher continues chasing tails and with Android O putting out the wrench on little design accents, the app has gotta follow.
Dynamic badges for home screen apps on Nova Launcher 5.1
Android O has icon animations on the way. But that doesn’t mean that third-party launchers have suddenly gone out of style.
Nova Launcher discounted by 80 percent through January 1
The premium feature unlocking app is on sale for just 99 cents at the US Google Play Store and at the lowest price tier for other regions.
Five years later, Nova Launcher 5.0 brings up Android 7.1
If you know anything about the Pixel Launcher, this latest update brings together the best bits of that interface to a more accessible place.
BlackBerry apps on Android get a major refresh
The Dark Theme comes to the BlackBerry Launcher while users of the DTEK60 can now retrieve passwords with a tap of the fingerprint sensor.
Nexus Launcher looks to be rebadged as Pixel Launcher [UPDATE: APK]
The Nexus Launcher is not happening, but the exact same thing is. It’s just going to be called the Pixel Launcher, because… Google. Phones.
Nexus Launcher, Google Assistant expected in Android Nougat Maintenance Release 1
All of the major features that have been leaked over the course of the year for Android 7.0 Nougat may come in a maintenance update this fall.
The Nexus Launcher: leaked, dissected and pointed back at Google
Someone supposedly leaked a launcher that future Nexus devices may be using on top of their Android OS. Are we really asking about what it mean for Google?
Galaxy Beta Program’s “New Note UX” makes app drawer optional
Some Chinese and Korean Note 5 owners are seeing a new TouchWiz UI with the Galaxy Beta Program. Is it a sign of things to come with the Note 7?
Top 5 Android Launchers in 2015 (Video)
From cruise control to do-it-yourself, the amount of control users can have…
Facebook Home vs. Google Now
R.I.P. Facebook Home (2013 – 2014)? Maybe not…
It’s been stagnant for so long; can we finally call Facebook Home dead? A new report sheds light on how Facebook seems to have given up on the project.
Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On 3
Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Hands-On (Video)
Unlike other launchers, Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher is “aware” of where you are and what you’re doing – and reacts accordingly. Hit play to see what we mean.
Nokia Z Launcher arrives with goal of supercharging Android productivity
What’s Nokia up to with today’s release of its Nokia Z Launcher, and how does it think it can optimize the way we use Android?
These are the best third-party launchers for Android (Video)
No two launchers are equal. So which is the best launcher replacement for Android? Watch this video from Taylor to find out!
A Weekend With Facebook Home
After spending a weekend with Facebook’s new approach to Android, I found it to be beautiful, immersive, and only about half done. Lock screen = good. Launcher, not so much.
This Might Be the Most Visually Impressive Android Launcher Ever (Video)
Watch as we go hands-on with Vire Launcher Beta — what could be the most visually appealing Android launcher we’ve ever seen!
Tile Launcher
Tile Launcher Makes Your Android Look like Windows Phone, Only Better! (Video)
Watch as we explore Tile Launcher for Android — a launcher that makes your Android phone look like Windows Phone 8 — sort of.
Bazooka Launcher for Android Is A Skinner’s Dream (Video)
Watch as we dig into Bazooka Launcher, a Launcher replacement for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. It’s fast, support themes, and is a dream to use!
Launcher Wars 7: Regina 3D Launcher
One of the things we love about Android is the ability to change the look and feel of the launcher just by installing a new app. There are lots of replacement launchers, so many in fact that we’ve devoted an entire series to them: Launcher Wars. In this episode we’ll walk through Regina Launcher, a very 3D, smooth, and animated launcher.