The same amount of money that got you a Note 8 can get you a Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Just after the complete spec list of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been revealed, we get a hint that it could cost the same as its predecessor
Mid-range LG Q7 goes on sale in Korea at $455 and up before expanding to ‘global markets’
Not exactly dirt-cheap, the “FullVision” LG Q7 is no pushover either, with a Snapdragon 450 processor, up to 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage space.
Samsung brings Galaxy J2 Pro variant lacking Internet access to Korea
Believe it or not, Samsung seems proud of the missing Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE support on the Korea-only Galaxy J2 Pro, priced at the rough equivalent of $185.
iPhones steal market share away from Samsung in Korea for the holidays
Ironically, it’s not the iPhone X that’s helping Apple out here, but sales of older, cheaper iPhones at the carriers instead.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition is here
That is the entire title of the device. And no, you will not be able to get one for yourself unless you are an Olympic athlete or official or you can bribe one off of said persons.
SM-G888 is not the Galaxy X, but a phone for a bullet train
Samsung has launched an LTE network dedicated to a railway and is equipping its staff with a special phone to communicate with each other at high speeds. It doesn’t fold up.
LG Signature Edition phone is a ‘refined’ V30 with 6GB RAM and exorbitant price
Made from an ultra-premium zirconium ceramic material, the limited LG Signature Edition handset is priced at an absurd $1,800 or so in Korea.
Samsung continues to sell Galaxy Note 8 like hotcakes, at least in Korea
After crushing domestic pre-order records, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in no way inferior to the Galaxy S8 duo in terms of actual Korean sales.
Folding Galaxy X (SM-G888) seen at Korean regulator
Samsung said it would be slow-playing the Galaxy X, but it has been working with certification processes for a device that could be said foldable phone.
LG V30 lowballs price in Korea to counter Galaxy Note 8
The Galaxy Note 8 is going for over a million won… at base price. Meanwhile, the LG V30 straddles below seven digits at its top end.
Ancient, controversial LG G4 begins receiving Android 7.0 Nougat in Korea
LG G4 users unaffected by the bootloop epidemic should be delighted to see the official Android 7.0 Nougat update kicked off in the OEM’s homeland.
Samsung adds Bixby functionality to Korea-only Galaxy J7 (2017) variant
Compared to the “international” Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017), a brand-new model available in Korea at around $510 gains Bixby assistance.
LG G6 officially gets ‘Plus’ version, facial recognition, other software add-ons and new colors
There’s an LG G6+ configuration around the corner, just as expected, as well as easy face unlocking for the standard model.
LG X500 out as the X power2 for Korea
Sales start Friday at the major carriers for this phone with a huge battery, a low price tag and a name different to the global branding.
LG G6 Pro, G6 Plus may go global within the month
And believe it or not, the G6 Pro is actually the weaker of the two and costs less than the Plus. But why does LG feel the need for these devices?
Samsung DEX Knox
Complimentary Samsung DeX docks getting resold on Korean e-markets
The docks, which were given free with some Galaxy S8+ pre-orders in Korea, started popping up on Joongonara in the past week by the hundreds.
Should we be worried about Galaxy S8 burn-in as well?
Despite Samsung programming in a feature to prevent this kind of problem from happening, some users say that it’s happening.
Galaxy S8+ hands-on
Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM gets official $1,000+ price in Korea, DeX Station included
Samsung’s top-of-the-line 6GB RAM/128GB ROM Galaxy S8+ configuration is just as pricey as expected, launching in Korea before China.
Samsung needs crisis management plan, “push for innovation” says co-CEO
The road to the Galaxy S8 and repair of reputation is through looking back, figuring out what to do if the next Note 7 explodes and innovation.
Samsung Mobile president apologizes for Note 7 debacle
Batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 have been exploding for weeks and it took until today for the chief of Samsung’s mobile division to publicly apologize.
Could a Galaxy Note 8 dual-boot Android and Windows simultaneously?
Samsung is patenting a smartphone interface that can run both Android and Windows. There’s UI to switch between the two or use both at the same time.