Three new portable Kodak projectors start from $200

They’re not mind-blowing in terms of resolution or brightness, but they’re decent for the portability and the price as well.

Kodak Ektra cameraphone surprisingly expands to the US at $400 with Android 6.0

It’s not technically made by the old, revered and now bankrupt Kodak company, but the Ektra Android cameraphone carries on the brand’s legacy in the US.

Archos joins Kodak-reviving initiative with tablet licensing agreement

Archos is Kodak’s latest licensing partner, officially signed to handle manufacturing and distribution of jointly developed Android tablets.

The new BlackBerry, ASUS ZenFone AR, ShadeCraft and more – CES 2017 Wrap-up (Video)

Check out our ultimate CES 2017 wrap-up video, featuring the best and worst of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES 2017 wrap up on the road from Las Vegas | #PNWeekly 234

The CES show floor is closed for business. While we love Vegas,…

Kodak Orbit360 4K VR Action Camera: CES 2017 Hands-On (Video)

The Pixpro team was one of the first to support 360 degree video on Youtube. Here’s our first look at the new Kodak Orbit360 4K VR Action Camera!
Kodak Super 8

Kodak Super 8 Camera and the Return of Ektachrome Film (Video)

The Kodak Super 8 Camera makes a comeback at CES 2017, and, while this is definitely not our main scope of coverage, we do have a lot of photography enthusiasts (and experts) among the members of our team, and our kick-ass readers and viewers.

Kodak Ektra is a new ‘photography-first’ Android smartphone that doesn’t look half bad

Shutterbugs looking for a “photography-first” upper mid-range Android smartphone should be happy to see the textured Kodak Ektra unveiled.

First Kodak smartphone launches with 13MP camera

Get to know the new Kodak smartphone, and find out if it’s got the imaging chops you’d expect.

Kodak-branded Android handset tipped for CES

There’s a Kodak smartphone just over the horizon, but will it have a first-in-class camera?