Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite gets a pair of cool new colors
Amazon has quietly unveiled two new color options for the Kindle Paperwhite – Sage and Plum – and they look really cool in an understated fashion.
OnePlus 8 Pro
Pocketnow Daily: OnePlus 8 Pro Leaks: EARLIER than Expected?!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the OnePlus 8 lineup’s possible launch, the price of the iPhone 9, the durability of the Moto Razr and more
Tons of Amazon devices are on sale right now
Amazon has tons of discounts in most of its products, which include the Amazon Echo, Echo Shows, Fire tablets, Kindles and more
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is CRAZY POWERFUL?!(video)
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Amazon has amazing new Apple deals and other great products on sale
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Amazon goes all out on Black Friday deals!!
We have the best Black Friday deals available on Amazon right now. Everything from smartphones to TVs and headphones, take a look and save big bucks!
Kobo Clara HD wants to prove e-readers are alive and well with low price and sharp screen
If you’re in the market for a relatively affordable e-book reader with a pretty sweet HD screen, you could go with the Kindle Paperwhite… or pick the 8GB, ultra-lightweight Kobo Clara HD.
The Pocketnow Black Friday 2017 deals watchlist
So many deals, so little time. But if it’s just a few clicks away anyways, you can take a little time to do a little research. We have it all in one place.
Amazon kicks off ‘Black Friday Deals Week’ in style with many Fire tabs and Kindles on sale
Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and Cloud Cam security camera are still available at list prices, but several Fire tablets and Kindles can be had for cheap.
Amazon devices predictably headline the e-tailer’s list of early Black Friday deals
Amazon already has a great Music Unlimited Black Friday deal available for new subscribers, with many discounted Echo and Fire devices also on the way.
All-new Amazon Kindle Oasis starts at $250 with waterproof design, 7-inch screen
The second-generation Amazon Kindle Oasis is billed as the company’s “most advanced” e-book reader yet. But are e-readers still a thing?
Amazon previews killer Prime Day deals on Echo, Kindle and Fire gear, but they’re only the beginning
Only a few more hours to go until the extended Amazon Prime Day discount extravaganza is on, with the Echo and Echo Dot naturally front and center.
Let’s chat Nintendo Switch and LeReactions to LeEco Le Pro 3 | #PNWeekly 223
Nintendo showed off the Switch. LeEco showed off the Le Pro 3, and the FCC showed off some fines for T-Mobile. #PNWeekly podcast 223!
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite manga model has room for more than Naruto
If your otaku tendencies have you straining your eyes at digital manga on a bright screen at night, perhaps you might get this e-reader shuttled to you.
iPhone named most influential gadget of all time, iPad, Droid and Kindle make top 50
To take the sting out of its latest earnings call and Wall Street’s ominous response, Apple snatched the crown in Time’s most influential gadget contest.
Super-thin Amazon Kindle Oasis launches with its own charging cover
The new Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader is now official, pushing battery-life (and price) limits.
Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader leaks with an incredibly thin (if asymmetrical) screen
Details on the new Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader emerge thanks to an accidental early publication.
New Kindle rumors focus on accessories, including solar-charging case
New rumors arrive about next week’s new Kindle launch, including a possible solar-charging Kindle case.
Google, Amazon deliver new tools to add your existing media to cloud services
Learn about the new Kindle Convert software from Amazon, as well as Google’s efforts to bring Play Music features to Chromebooks.
How E-Ink works: the technology behind E-Paper Displays (Video)
E-Ink powers everything from the Amazon Kindle to the YotaPhone 2 – and lots of curiosities in between. Find out how it works in our latest video!
Those new Kindle tablets would be awesome if they ran stock Android
eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle have all the power they need to run stock Android, but they dont. Why is that? Let’s find out!
Real Books Smell Better, But I Don’t Care
I know, I know: you could never trade in your beloved old book collection for a Kindle or other e-book tablet. Read about why you might be an endangered species of reader.