Crowdfund sphoon_phork, get an iPhone case, stop using disposable cutlery
It’s a simple idea and what many would see at first glance as a stupid one. But if you’re willing to do anything to limit disposable plastic waste…
Contribute to MAKERphone on Kickstarter and learn how to make your own phone
Preparing for the steampunk apocalypse? You might want to make your own phone. This crowdfunded kit, fully funded, will take you from circuit board to code.
Martian Watches terminates ‘all operations’ before fulfilling its Kickstarter promises
The small but ambitious 2007-founded Martian Watches company has recently shut down its operations after desperately trying to find funds to stay afloat. Unfortunately, very few mVoice G2 units have been shipped.
Vinci 2.0 is a more practical pair of cellular earphones
If you remember the Vinci 1.5 and didn’t buy one, you probably found the screens on a pair of Bluetooth headphones to be weird. This is not weird.
Jide exits consumer space, discontinues Remix OS, Remix IO and IO+
Remix OS as consumers know it is dead, with Jide Technology no longer planning any new hardware releases, even refunding all Remix IO pledges.
One Kickstarter wants to kill the Bixby Button with a Galaxy S8 case
If you find no use in Samsung’s Bixby assistant service, but keep on tapping that annoying button on the side, you might be interested in funding this case.
Jelly, the world’s smallest LTE and Nougat smartphone, reaches Kickstarter goal in under an hour
Who knew there would be so much customer interest surrounding the world’s smallest LTE smartphone, dubbed Jelly, and funded on Kickstarter in minutes?
ZTE Hawkeye officially getting retooled, fund on Kickstarter canceled
What the crowd envisioned to be the Hawkeye was not what ZTE brought to Kickstarter. People weren’t happy. So, the company listened.
Kickstarter takes in Outdoor Tech Rhinos, rugged wireless headphones [UPDATE]
The Rhinos are a pair of wireless headphones billed to withstand plenty of abuse from the elements including several forces of nature.
ASUS Zooms, Tangos, Daydreams while VR gets more depth | CES 2017 Daily (Day 1)
While the HTC Vive gets new tools, Samsung and Google make a Chromebook together and ZTE preps us for a smartwatch. Pocketnow has it all covered.
ZTE’s Project CSX is now known as Hawkeye and launches on Kickstarter
Well, it’s not because of the fact that the phone is up for pre-orders on a crowdfunding site. It’s more to do with the watering down of the concept.
Jide strikes again, already achieving Kickstarter goal for 4K-enabled ‘all-in-one’ Remix IO
The Android Nougat-powered Remix IO is more than a 4K-supporting Remix Mini sequel, blending set-top box, console and PC functionality.
Hound-powered Hurricane on Kickstarter is the DJ’s Echo, Google Home
Wanted an Amazon Echo to make some sick playlists for you and soundtrack your day? Boombotix hopes to provide that speaker for you.
GoTenna Mesh evolves off-grid network to extended ranges
If the internet has to collapse on you, you may be able to get far and wide if you and a bunch of other friends get on with goTenna Mesh.
The Superbook: Will we finally live the dream?
The Superbook is a device that gets as close to a unicorn as we’ve ever seen – using your phone as a truly affordable laptop.
The Ticwatch 2 is a crowdfunded twist on Android Wear
The Ticwatch 2 supports both Android and iPhones, has some interesting software and unique hardware and is on Kickstarter through August 25.
Pebble Time 2 Kickstarter finds fans, but is Pebble back in the game?
Pebble smashed its pledge goal on Kickstarter, but will new watches from this tech darling finder a broader consumer audience?
Pebble launches ‘best Kickstarter yet’ for two new smartwatches and a 3G ‘ultra-wearable’
Yet again, Pebble takes to Kickstarter to preview not one, not two, but three wearable devices this time around, including a cellular-enabled ‘magic button’
Pal smart strap will add GPS and extra battery to your Pebble Time… if crowdfunded
Another Kickstarter campaign aims to improve the functionality of the Pebble Time and Time Steel, with standalone GPS support and a healthy battery upgrade.
Nextbit Robin CDMA edition hits a slight delay, won’t be ready next month as hoped
Instead of shipping in February as hoped, unforeseen CDMA Nextbit Robin delays mean that the Verizon and Sprint-compatible model won’t be ready until later.
Saygus tweetstorms on the V2’s Snapdragon 801 and an unreliable ODM
After a slew of problems from parts providers and manufacturers, Saygus has now taken the reins of building its own phone. It’s still late for shipments.
Wristwatch, Redefined: Life on a Pebble Smart Watch (Video)
For the past week, I’ve lived the life of a Pebble smart watch user. How does that differ from the daily drudgery of a dumbwatch owner? Watch our video to find out.
Pebble Isn’t Even Finished, But It’s Already Changing Our World
Pebble’s record-breaking Kickstarter drive has caught the attention of entrepreneurs and everyday folks looking for a means to raise money for their creative endeavors. But no one’s taking the time to examine how this pioneering project is changing the way companies interact with their customers.