LG G7 ThinQ, Xiaomi IPO, Sprint and T-Mobile (again, again) | #PNWeekly 303

This week, we’re talking about a new flagship phone from LG, Xiaomi’s bright future, and the uphill for Sprint and T-Mobile.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo leaves KGI Securities

The analyst has been working from Taiwan for many years in the general small-form tech sector. So, what’s up next for Kuo? Literally bigger things, it seems.

KGI: LCD iPhone forgoes in-cell touch for two panes of glass

Thicker glass, a pricier implementation of 3D Touch and more of this in 2019 are in the cards with the latest rumors for the mid-range iPhone of this year.

LCD iPhone now predicted to drop to $550, have a dual-SIM option

The price strategy rumor goes against the market consensus around $700+. The white whale that is a dual-SIM iPhone may price above a single-SIM LCD iPhone.

KGI undercuts HomePod consensus with 2.5 million sales in 2018

The market expects 7 million sales in the calendar year and the best that Ming-chi Kuo, renowned Apple analyst, can muster is 2.5 million.

How big will the Apple Watch Series 4 be?

Will Apple bloat the next Apple Watch with a bigger display and bigger battery? We don’t exactly know yet, but one reputable analyst has set specs out.

KGI: Next week’s iPad refresh will work with Apple Pencil

It’ll be sold separately, of course, at $99. But the Pencil only has worked with iPad Pro tablets up until this point. Will it worthwhile for educators to get them with a new affordable iPad?

Premium wireless Apple headphones to be noise-canceling

They may come out in time for the holiday season and perhaps cannibalizing sales of AirPods or any of Apple’s Beats products.

Cheaper MacBook Air revival expected in spring and other Apple speculation

Unknown yet is what parts will go into the upgraded 13-inch MacBook models, but it might just be that we could see a sub-$999 MacBook Air soon.

iPhone 9 could rake in 100 million shipments

So, 100 million shipments or about half the output expected next year. And that’s with a potential price hike in mind for a mid-range iPhone.

2018 iPhones to rely solely on Intel baseband chips, KGI claims

If supply chain intelligence is verified, it would be the first time ever that Qualcomm would be denied a provisional job for an iPhone.

KGI: Apple may not have “resources” to develop highly-improved iPhone SE 2

If one is to even come out, a sub-$500 iPhone would only get basic improvements in internal hardware, not Face ID and a Super Retina Display.

KGI updates minutia around 2018 iPhone X models

This year’s new iPhones are coming whether you’ve bought last year’s iPhones or not. And the rumored actions surrounding them are trickling into our intelligence banks.

2018 iPhone with LCD screen could cost as much as $800

Renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sees prices for the low-end premium iPhone for this year — amazing this terminology has to be used — going up and up.

First-gen iPhone X will not get year-on discount, but disappear instead

KGI Securities speculates that Apple will maintain $999 as the “value price” for a brand as prestigious as the iPhone X. This year’s model will not get a discount and will disappear from view.

KGI: AirPod shipments may double to more than 26 million units in 2018

Apple will have a bigger year with its first wireless earbuds in 2018, especially if it can continue to keep supply at satisfactory levels.

KGI: Smaller circuit boards mean faster Apple Watch LTE, MacBooks

And those devices could take a big cue from the current generation of iPhones. Why circuit boards? Because they can be upgraded like anything else.

2018’s iPhone X Plus display could hit 6.5 inches, LCD iPhone at 6.1 inches

But it’s not going to be as big as you think it will be, just as the iPhone X isn’t as big as its 5.8-inch display makes it out to be…

iPhone X sales estimates keep dropping for the holidays

The iPhone 8 Plus looks to be the smartphone of the season while the iPhone X could get better reception in China during the Year of the Dog.

KGI: Two 2018 iPhones will get new casing design

The financial firm’s renowned Apple analyst is looking at more pieces of steel in two of next year’s iPhones and some “upgrades.”

iPhone X shipments to smooth as Face ID camera enters “stable” production

A new note from KGI Securities also claims that the TrueDepth camera will also appear in new iPad Pro tablets. For that, Face ID won’t be upgraded.

KGI thinks Galaxy Note 9 will have on-screen fingerprint sensor

What the iPhone X couldn’t do, Apple decided it would be better off leading a new race with Face ID. But Samsung’s giving the undone a go.

KGI: Face ID expected on 2018 iPad Pro models

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes that the TrueDepth camera will add to the list of differentiators from the regular iPad next model year.

iPhone X supercycle is still in KGI’s forecast

But there’s one big catch: it’ll happen with next year’s iPhones. Really? All this hype for a big, fat delay in the money chart?

Will Samsung want to take near 3 years to replicate Face ID on iPhone X?

KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes that it will take Google or whoever else two-and-a-half years to get up to Apple’s TrueDepth level.