BlackBerry KEY2 survives better than predecessor with JerryRigEverything’s tests
Last year, phone maker TCL almost ran away with great results on durability with the KEYone… with one critical failure. Can it win with the KEY2?
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BlackBerry KEYone set to receive Oreo update this week, at least in Canada
June 28 is when Canada’s top wireless service provider expects to start rolling Android 8.0 Oreo out to the BlackBerry KEYone. Yes, this Thursday.
Get the GSM unlocked BlackBerry KEYone for $400, or $350 with Verizon activation
What better time to buy last year’s BlackBerry KEYone at a hefty discount than on the eve of the KEY2’s US commercial debut?
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BlackBerry KEY2 seemingly gets benchmarked, along with mystery BBE100 device
If the BBF100 is the BlackBerry KEY2, what exactly is the BBE100? Impossible to say, but a more than respectable Snapdragon 660 processor is apparently onboard.
No Android Nougat love for BlackBerry Priv, slim hope for DTEK50 and 60 as well
Before TCL took over BlackBerry smartphone production and marketing, the BlackBerry Priv was released running Android Lollipop and will stay on Marshmallow.
A new BlackBerry smartphone is coming in October with no physical keyboard, just a touchscreen
TCL wants to remind the world on the eve of IFA 2017 a new BlackBerry-branded mobile device is coming… a little later this year.
Black and Gold: bespoke gold-plated BlackBerry KEYone available from Dubai
It’s a poetic combination of two colors. But it’s only available in the United Arab Emirates, where carrirers have the time to gold-plate BlackBerry phones.
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TCL applies more adhesive to new BlackBerry KEYone units
As screens started dangling off their cables with even a light drop or bend, people started complaining. And that complaining has come to a solution.
BlackBerry BBD 100-1 could follow DTEK50 soon with Snapdragon 625 SoC, Full HD touchscreen
A largely mysterious TCL-made BlackBerry has just made its first online appearance, fitting the general description of a DTEK50 sequel.
TCL responds to BlackBerry KEYone display mishaps
Bend it, drop it, pop it. The display on some BlackBerry KEYone devices can be prone to detachment and that’s a problem that needs and may get fixing.
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Clove gives guidance on BlackBerry KEYone availability in UK
Retailers have been listing May 5 for their first ship date, but Clove Technology claims that the KEYone is in short supply through the back of the month.
BlackBerry KEYone expected out as early as May 5 in the UK, pre-orders still open at £499
Slightly pushed back from its initial mid-April ETA, the QWERTY/touchscreen BlackBerry KEYone hybrid should start shipping in early May on British shores.