Moto X5 canceled, Moto Mods program restrained after rumored job cuts

The Moto X4 successor may not be while Moto Mods may not be as imaginative as Lenovo had hoped they could be. All as the mobile division suffers financially.

Slider Keyboard and Vital Moto Mods wrap up Lenovo’s CES 2018 announcements

Nowhere near as exciting as Lenovo’s many laptops, tablets, VR products and “smart display” unveiled at CES 2018, these two new Moto Mods still deserve a little attention.

Even more Moto Mod candidates aim to ‘transform’ the Moto Z, including keyboard accessory

With almost $25,000 already raised on Indiegogo, a new Moto Mod prototype looking to add a sliding 5-row physical keyboard to the Moto Z rises.