Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Apple FORCED to CHANGE iPhone to USB-C?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting USB-C charging ports in future Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy S20 registrations and more
16-inch MacBook Pro

Today’s deals include the MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 4, and more

These are some of the best deals available today, and they include the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro a wide selection of Apple Watch Series 4 and more

Amazon is saying goodbye to 2019 with some amazing deals

Amazon is still giving us great deals to say goodbye to 2019. Take a look at the discounts available on Apple and Samsung products

A Nokia-inspired QWERTY slider in 2019? Meet the F(x)tec Pro 1

It’s not just a phone with a sliding keyboard. F(x)tec is a privately-funded startup that has ideas to bring back functionality to Android.

Gboard floats to where your finger is for immediate typing

With smartphone displays growing ever larger, Google’s keyboaerd app has gone the way of the user: to where they’re typing.

Newest MacBook Pro concept has a giant Touch Bar in video

We may see some changes in the future MacBook Pro models that could get rid of physical keyboards to give us a huge Touch Bar

Pocket Nightcap: Buy the damn MacBook Pro (stick with me here)

The truth is that we all make compromises in some way to achieve the goals we want to attain. For the latest generation of MacBook Pro models? Well…

Apple repairing MacBook “Butterfly” keyboards for free

MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards featuring the Butterfly switch design are well-known for failure after even a speck of dust slips in below the crevice…

Gboard adopting Morse code typing

The latest beta version of the app has a new way for people who may not be able to efficiently communicate via a QWERTY setup to type.

Android P Developer Preview could be a week or so away

Last year, the Android O Developer Preview came in on March 21. Reasonable enough to think that P could follow in that trend. There’s even more features to spoil in this post.

Nuance ends development of Swype and Dragon keyboard for Android and iOS

As the company turns away from the consumer side and goes for enterprise, one of the tolls it takes on customers will be on the mobile typing front.

Gboard goes big on GIF creation in the suggestion bar

Google has really gone big on GIFs on iOS, not Android. And this Gboard update keeps the theme up by making the GIF creation easier.

Slider Keyboard and Vital Moto Mods wrap up Lenovo’s CES 2018 announcements

Nowhere near as exciting as Lenovo’s many laptops, tablets, VR products and “smart display” unveiled at CES 2018, these two new Moto Mods still deserve a little attention.

Weird iOS 11.1 autocorrect bug gets temporary workaround ahead of likely iOS 11.1.1 fix

If you’re annoyed by your iOS 11.1-running iPhone or iPad autocorrecting your lower-case “i”, you can wait for an update or try to fix the problem for now.

iPhone and Android cameras don’t care for Vic Gundotra | #PNWeekly 264

Are Android phone camera experiences really “years behind” the iPhone experience? That’s what one former executive Googler said. We dive in on our show.

Microsoft iPad Touch Cover gets revealed in battery transport document

Why would Microsoft ever want to make a keyboard for the iPad? Whatever the case may be, it disclosed its existence for United Nations agencies.

Microsoft kills popular Word Flow iOS keyboard ‘experiment’, suggests SwiftKey as replacement

No more “experimenting” with the ingenious Arc mode of Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard app for iPhones, as Redmond puts all its chips on SwiftKey.

HTC faces another scandal, as some of its phones start showing unwanted keyboard ads

HTC may have not chosen the developer of its native smartphone keyboard app very wisely, with an infuriating error serving ads all of a sudden.

B&H also bundles discounted Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with keyboard in addition to S Pen

Already discounted from $600 to $500, the S Pen-wielding Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 now comes with a complimentary keyboard cover as well.

iOS 11 for iPad makes it finally, finally fit for productivity

Multitasking tools are finally making sense, but it’s the new file directory app and a document scanning camera trick. All that in iOS 11 for iPads.

On Reddit, Foxconn leakers AMA sees impacts on iPhone 8, Apple Iris

A unique, e-ink keyboard for Macs may not appear in color anytime soon while we may never get to see smart glasses from Apple…

BlackBerry KEYone Review: It keeps going, and going…

Read more about our final impressions of the BlackBerry KEYone, as we’ve learned that this phone is actually about more than just a keyboard.

A look at the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard: Is it a benefit in 2017? (Video)

Juan Carlos Bagnell thumbed and fingered his way to a conclusion for a BlackBerry device that has given tech talkers something to celebrate.

Lenovo’s Chrome OS Yoga Book claimed dead

The Yoga Book is already available in the market with Windows 10 or Android, but Lenovo stated that it wanted one in Chrome OS as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in-store availability set for March 24, pre-orders open tomorrow

That long overdue Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is launching on and offline stateside on March 24, with pre-orders underway a week early starting at $600.