BlackBerry KEY2 LE looks set for IFA 2018 debut

TCL is presenting an event in Berlin on August 30. It’s got something to do with BlackBerry. We have a guess as to what it might be.

BlackBerry KEY2 Lite actually has a different name

Documentation filed at the FCC shows off the go-to-market name that TCL is planning on using for this lighter version of the KEY2.

BlackBerry KEY2 Lite said to shine bright in three colors

This “lite” phone comes in a charming red, but is just about the same size as a regular KEY2. So, what makes it so lite? The specs? The build?

BlackBerry BBG100-1 benchmark reveals middling specs in line with a KEY2 Lite variant

We have no idea how TCL might plan to name the recently benchmarked BlackBerry BBG100-1 smartphone, but something along the lines of KEY2 Lite feels like a good guess.